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Modular Advantage Magazine

In each bi-monthly issue, Modular Advantage Magazine explores a specific modular construction topic and features interviews and articles along with industry news, updates from the Modular Building Institute and its members, modular case studies, and upcoming industry events. Our magazine is a valuable resource for professionals in the construction trade magazines.

While printed copies are mailed free to MBI members, we have partnered with PBC Today and BD+C magazines to send free electronic copies to 300,000+ industry professionals around the world, including architects, engineers, developers, and general contractors in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Europe.


Latest Articles & Interviews

homeD: On a Mission to Improve Affordable Housing in Canada

homeD’s mission is to alleviate homelessness and in British Columbia and they’ve developed unique modular housing products to that end. The company also embraces a strong social justice ethic, providing solutions for marginalized communities who face housing challenges, and is aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Modular Hotel Room Prototype Shows Global Investors the Speed and Versatility of Modular Building

Forta PRO, a modular building manufacturer in Latvia, recently partnered with Marriott to create a modular hotel room based on their current design, Moxy. The two connected in Copenhagen in 2019, when Marriott expressed an interest in creating a mock-up to show investors the quality available through modular construction techniques. The stand-alone room is currently located in Frankfurt and is available for investors to visit.

PROMET: Providing Award-Winning Workforce Housing in Chile & Beyond

South America is a mining powerhouse, producing a substantial amount of the world’s silver, copper, tin, zinc, lithium, and nickel, and the mining industry requires a substantial amount of infrastructure to operate. That infrastructure includes workforce housing and office space that modular builders such as PROMET provide.

Turkish Manufacturer Has Long History of Responding to Disaster

On February 6, 2023, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake rocked southern and central Turkey, killing over 2,300 people and injuring 10,000 more. DORCE responded with the force of its huge production capacity, dedicating all their abilities to producing emergency houses for those displaced by the disaster with help from AFAD (Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency of Turkish Republic).

The Envelope Insulation Design Regarding Material Alteration Compatibility in Blast-Resistant Modular Buildings

BRM envelope insulation configuration has impacts on construction schedule time, potential redesign workload, and market competitiveness, which are all critical to the success of a BRM project.

Observations from My Travels to Ukraine

With over 2,300 damaged or destroyed schools, the potential for modular construction as part of the rebuilding effort is huge. In fact, mayors from several cities asked me about this exact issue when I visited in May. And, of course, the needs for medical clinics and housing are greater than ever.

Is the World Deglobalizing?

There is a popular narrative indicating that the world is now splintering after a period of coming together. For decades, the world seemed destined to become a unified production unit. Dozens of free trade agreements, the expansion of World Trade Organization (WTO) membership, and import/export data suggested that national boundaries were falling, at least with respect to the movement of goods, including productive construction inputs.

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Past Articles

Inside The Inspection Process With PFS TECO’s Bob Gorleski

Bob has been involved with the expansion of the company since 1999, and has seen the company grow. PFS TECO has not only expanded but has evolved: to becoming an employee-owned company. In fact, the company offers ESOP (employee stock ownership
plans) available to 100 employees.

A Construction Journey from Conventional to Modular

Like a stick-built structure, a modular building requires a lot of coordination in going from design to finished building. One crucial element of the process is the setting of the modules on the foundation, and there are companies that specialize in that work. ProSet of Montrose, Colorado, is one of those companies.

BECC Modular: Manufacturing for Future Generations Through Industrialization and Improvement

Ali hammers out BECC Modular’s mission down to one sentence. “I would say that we are in the business of manufacturing industrialized developments for future generations.” This mission is something that’s also baked into their structures, which follow Net Zero and Passive House design principles to create carbon neutral buildings.

“Obsession” with Modular Logistics Leads to Business Success

In the short time Stream Logistics have been in business, the team has learned a lot about modular transportation, learning more in four months than they had the last two years without the specialized focus.

Domatic designs more efficient, and often less expensive, methods to wire buildings.

Creating “Smarter” Smart Buildings, Smartly

A California start-up, Domatic, has taken on the task of making smart buildings “smarter” through its revolutionary electrical distribution and automation system. The low voltage system saves energy, reduces copper wiring, and is safer to install. And with its plug-and-play capabilities, it is already making a wave in the modular construction industry. The company’s system has been showcased in multiple high-rise residential projects, including market-rate high-rises and affordable housing projects.

Mixed use modular development designed by EVstudio

From a Basement Office to a Team of Modular Experts

Starting from his basement office 17 years ago, Dean Dalvit leveraged his professional training in both architecture and engineering to develop EVstudio into a fully integrated architecture and engineering firm. Now with over 120 staff members in four offices, including two in Colorado, one in Boise, Idaho, and one in Austin, Texas, the firm is a regional design powerhouse.

Landon Boucher, Director of Business Design and Innovations, MiTek Inc.

Make Allies and Win Together

Traditional lenders have standards and practices which are not tailored to modular construction and accordingly, it has become increasingly evident that securing adequate funding is one of the key factors essential for the industry’s continued growth.

Electric heat pump water heaters offer energy savings of up to 70% compared to electric-resistance water heaters.

What the Inflation Reduction Act Means for Modular Builders

With space heating, air conditioning
and water heating accounting for significant percentages of a building’s energy consumption, modular builders who want to take advantage of the IRA
incentives should look closely at their HVAC and water heater technology and explore more energy-efficient options.

Issa Nesheiwat and Apex Modular Solutions participate in the “Tiny Home Experience” Event with Ulster Saving Bank.

Meet Issa Nesheiwat, Modular Maverick

Apex Modular Solutions was built on the premise that clients deserve to have all the pieces in one place for them to succeed in making their project come to life.

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