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Modular Building Codes, Construction Codes, & Contacts

Need a state-level building code? Have questions about a getting a project off the ground? Get direct access to the latest IBC and IRC requirements here, plus a complete list of state modular program contacts.

Modular Building Codes

The International Code Council maintains a complete list of uniform building codes and modular construction codes used in every US state—commercial, residential, fire, energy, MEP, and more.

State Contacts

MBI maintains an exclusive list of state-level modular program contacts and state program administrators for the benefits of its members. This list is freely accessible to all MBI members. Log in here.

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ICC/MBI Standards for Off-Site Construction

Published in 2021 in partnership with the ICC, these off-site standards bring clarity to the off-site and modular construction processes.

ICC/MBI 1200-2021 Standard for Off-site Construction: Planning, Design, Fabrication and Assembly

This first edition standard provides planning and preparation requirements such as: the role of the architect/modular manufacturer/construction manager/general contractor, location of plant vs. construction site, and material procurement and lead times.

ICC/MBI 1200-2021 includes requirements for:

  • A controlled manufacturing environment.
  • Supply chain integration.
  • Structural modular vs. nonstructural modular.
  • The fabrication process and on-site assembly.

ICC/MBI 1205-2021 Standard for Off-site Construction: Inspection and Regulatory Compliance

The scope of this first edition standard is to provide minimum requirements to safeguard the public health, safety and general welfare and address societal and industry challenges for the inspection and regulatory compliance of off-site and modular construction. It addresses the inspection, approval and regulatory compliance of off-site residential and commercial construction components as well as their assembly and completion at the final building site.