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About MBI's South American Council

The Modular Building Institute's South American Council serves as an advisory board on matters of importance to MBI members doing business in South America. In addition to helping grow MBI's South American membership, the Council was established to:

  1. Provide additional leadership opportunities within MBI for members in South America.
  2. Serve as an advisory board to MBI to ensure we are understanding our members’ needs.
  3. Serve as a forum for best practices and networking activities to be delivered more effectively by MBI.

As one of the driving forces behind MBI’s new South American Council, I’m excited about its potential. Though the Council is still in its infancy, I expect it will provide MBI with valuable insights into the rapidly growing South American modular construction industry.

There’s tremendous opportunity in South America, and I’m hopeful that as it grows, the Council can help MBI’s members around the world learn about these opportunities and about the rich histories of the countries and regions that offer them.”

-Ralph Tavares, South American Council sponsor

Featured Case Study

Hobe Relief Cabins

These modules, designed during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to provide on-site respite to medical care workers, were created to be reusable, self-sanitizable, and safe.

Learn more about these award-winning 10-bed modules built by Tecno Fast S.A.

Council Chair

Bruna Rafaela Xavier,
CMC Modulos Construtivos Ltda.

Council Members

Louie Guglielmo, Atco Sabinco
Rodrigo Prado, Tecno Fast, S.A.
Vietti Franco, Technohuis
Felipe Savassi, Felipe Savassi Modular Studio
Ralph Tavares, R&S Tavares Associates
Laureano Lopez Cataldo, Calaminon