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Modular Construction Industry and Management Webinars

MBI is pleased to present these exclusive webinars from industry professionals. From in-depth presentations on the modular industry to extensive Q&A discussion, you'll find it here. Webinars are available to all members free of charge. Please sign into your MBI account to watch.

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CSA Z250 and Standardization in Modular Construction

Presented by: Jonathan Fernando, Project Manager, Canadian Standards Association

CSA Group’s newly published standard “CSA Z250 – Process for Delivery of Volumetric Modular Buildings,” provides valuable insights into the construction industry & management webinars with MBI. This standard highlights the key distinctions between traditional and modular construction methods. It is valuable resource for regulatory permitting, inspection, and approvals better understand the offsite building component, quality control programs, and certification processes. Specifically, this standard describes the processes for the delivery of permanent volumetric modular buildings, where modules are constructed in a factory, and addresses:

a) design;

b) quality control in modular manufacturing;

c) approvals;

d) logistics, transportation and storage;

e) non-modular and modular sitework;

f) lifting, placement, and setting;

g) installation and finishing; and

h) commissioning and handover.

Modular: The Only Way Out: California's Housing Crisis And The Modular Response

Presented by: Amanda Gattenby, Modular Housing Expert

The housing crisis in California is at a fever pitch. The answer to how cities will meet their Regional Housing Needs Allocation goals can benefit from construction industry & management webinars with MBI. Whether it is through innovative financing models like P3 partnerships, traditional subsidies such as low income housing tax credits, or purely private equity, modular construction helps all projects deploy faster. It is simply our best lifeline for climbing out of this crisis to provide adequate, safe, and beautiful housing across the entire market range—from homelessness support to luxury units. Just one modular building factory can produce hundreds of apartment units and thousands of square feet of facilities space. In this presentation, Amanda Gattenby will share case studies of actual projects with correlating data for time-to-market examples as well as case studies of innovative financing models.

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