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Modular Advantage Magazine

In each bi-monthly issue, Modular Advantage Magazine explores a specific modular construction topic and features interviews and articles along with industry news, updates from the Modular Building Institute and its members, modular case studies, and upcoming industry events.

While printed copies are mailed free to MBI members, we have partnered with PBC Today and BD+C magazines to send free electronic copies to 300,000+ industry professionals around the world, including architects, engineers, developers, and general contractors in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Europe.

Featured Articles

2023 Awards of Distinction winners
2023 Awards of Distinction winners
Students network with exhibitors at the 2023 World of Modular
Students network with exhibitors at the 2023 World of Modular
Roland Brown looks back at his long, successful career in modular construction
Roland Brown looks back at his long, successful career in modular construction

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Past Articles

Repurposed for a Second Life: Renovated Reuse Case Study

The newly renovated daycare space is comprised of two classrooms, men’s and women’s restrooms, an office space, and kitchen.

NRB Modular Solutions' Ash Street housing development.

Relocatable Transitional Housing Project Wins MBI’s Best of Show for Horizon North Logistics

The reusable, reconfigurable design and multi-point foundation system allows for the entire building – from ramps to recycling containers and paving stones – to be demobilized and reassembled at another site in the future at a fraction of the time and cost of constructing a new building.

From Ship to Shop: Repurposed for Retail

The utilization of “forgotten corners” in dense, urban locations to create intimate human-scale amenities that provide life and security to the streets has become a model for many other projects currently in the works.

Affordable Housing- A Global Issue

Cities around the globe are facing affordable housing shortages – what are the key differences in how they are addressing them?

The Modular Solution to the Construction Labor Shortage

The Modular Solution to the Construction Labor Shortage It is not too difficult to find articles citing the construction industry’s woes over the shortage of available skilled workers. All sorts of initiatives, efforts, and conferences have been held on the topic for the last decade or so in an effort to reach more young people…

Reinventing Construction: A Route to Higher Productivity

A five-to-tenfold increase in productivity would be possible if construction were to move to a manufacturing-like system of mass production with a much greater degree of standardization and modularization and the bulk of construction work taking place in factories off site.

exterior of contemporary building

Modular Construction to the Rescue!

The Inspira Oncology Center was designed, developed, and constructed in less than a year with modular construction, opening sooner and serving more patients.

Carpenter’s Union Embraces Factory Built Housing to Address Labor Needs in Northern California

“We don’t have a labor shortage, we have an opportunity shortage,” said Jay Bradshaw, Director of Organizing for the Northern California Carpenters Regional Council.

Pushing the Boundaries of Perception

A project from Australian MBI member Fleetwood Building Solutions challenges the perceptions of what’s possible through modular construction.

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