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Green Data Centre

Main Category: Modular Building Design
Company: RI SpA
Location: Foggia, Puglia, Italy
Building Use: Data Centre and Offices
Gross Size of Project: 370 Square Meters
Days to Complete: 128

Award Criteria

Architectural Excellence

R.I. Group has recently completed a 370 square meters DATA CENTRE building offices located in Puglia for a public company. The L-shaped office was built on two floors by using passive design principles. Designed for long-term sustainability, the office building draws on geothermal energy and uses energy-efficient technologies. Built to minimize thermal loss, the office is built mainly of industrially prefabricated laminated panels. Natural ventilation and daylighting is optimized and pass through operable triple-glazed windows and doors. The assembled modules on the ground floor are designed to have a large control room with 12 workstations, services and a warehouse area. The internal lift and two staircases heading to the first floor where there are offices, the break room, the services and the crisis management room for emergency situation.

Technical Innovation & Sustainability

The applied materials promote a healthy work environment. Designed to encourage innovation, the solar-powered building is wrapped in large, glazed panels that let in an ample amount of natural light and panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. Built around an open-air patio, the office is designed to foster an inspiring work environment. The building’s sustainable profile includes solar panels that make the building 100 percent self-sufficient, a gray water collection system and natural building materials.

Cost Effectiveness

The smart air quality monitoring system is one of several smart systems designed to reduce electricity demand. Smart chiller plant optimization, high-efficiency HVAC equipment, ventilated walls and daylight sensors, for instance, will achieve a 26% reduction in energy demand. As a beacon of sustainability, the structure aims to be carbon neutral or carbon negative and includes renewable energy systems as well as low-carbon construction methods and operational processes with recycled materials.

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