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Modular Building in Australia

Established in 1983, the Modular Building Institute is a global nonprofit trade association that represents the modular construction industry, and now is building up the modular building sector in Australia.  MBI’s mission is to keep in line with current trends in modular/off-site construction, as it stands as a beacon of innovation and advancement. As a vibrant organization, we are dedicated to supporting a wide range of modular builders in Australia, including architects, owners and developers, general contractors, product and service providers, manufacturers, and more.  Permanent modular construction (PMC) and portable buildings (RB) are MBI's two primary areas of expertise. As a forum, we offers members access to different aspects of the business.

Australia's Capacity for Diverse Membership

MBI’s Australian presence is still growing, and we intend to grow our enterprises and businesses membership. Members who can join MBI and grow the modular building industry in Australia include:

  • Architects: Those  designers who, especially when it comes to prefabricated buildings, produce plans that blend style and utility within a modular framework. Their designs redefined space utilization, pushed boundaries, and set the norm for modular architecture.
  • Manufacturers: These individuals are the craftsmen who bring architectural vision to life, working in cutting-edge facilities to ensure precision and quality control in every module they build.
  • Contractors: These professionals are adept in combining modular components to form a cohesive, functional whole, bridging the gap between concepts and reality.
  • Finance Associates: These service providers, a growing section of the market, ensure that visions are not only dreamed about but actually

If your modular building business is located in Australia, join The Modular Building Institute for an extensive and supportive base in the industry.

Modular construction workers discuss over blueprints together as more workers build a modular pod behind them
Modular construction workers discuss over blueprints together as more workers build a modular pod behind them

Advantages for MBI Members in Australia

MBI offers our members a variety of benefits that foster growth, education, and networking opportunities:

Educational and Training Resources

MBI offers cutting-edge educational resources and training programs that are specifically designed to incorporate the most recent trends and technology in modular construction, with a strong emphasis on prefabricated buildings. These materials are meant to keep members current of the most recent trends and innovations in modular construction.

Exclusive Access to Contract Opportunities:

Membership provides access to a diverse range of business prospects, giving you a competitive advantage in the market. This access boosts members' prospects and allows them to demonstrate their expertise on a larger scale.

Enhanced Visibility and Credibility

MBI membership increases a member's market visibility in modular building in Australia. The association’s backing adds a degree of legitimacy and integrity, which is essential in today’s competitive market.

Rich Networking Platforms

MBI conducts gatherings like as the “World of Modular,” which provide members to network, exchange ideas, and collaborate on projects all over the world. These kinds of gatherings are critical for forming partnerships and pursuing new business opportunities.

Exclusive Industry Insights and Publications

Members, including modular building construction companies, have access to the most recent research, in-depth industry reports, and prestigious publications such as “Modular Advantage.” These resources are critical for being aware and competitive in a fast-paced sector.


MBI is more than just a group; we are a dynamic force propelling modular construction structures —including portable buildings, prefabricated buildings, and container-based buildings—forward in modular building in Australia and throughout the globe. MBI offers a variety of benefits that enable our members to prosper and actively impact the future of modular construction. Joining MBI is a significant step, providing partnership in innovation and growth rather than just membership.