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Search for Direct Modular Building Manufacturers in Your Area

Modular construction allows builders to construct fully-volumetric buildings and building sections in an off-site factory setting. The buildings follow the same building codes and use the same materials as conventional facilities. Choosing modular building tactics over traditional building comes with a plethora of benefits, including faster building times, safer construction, and a more environmentally friendly approach to building. 

To start off your prefabricated building project, you must find modular manufacturers near you. The Modular Building Institute (MBI) makes connecting with professionals in your area easy, with our member directory for direct manufacturers. Or, connect with a wholesale manufacturer through a dealer or contractor, depending on your project needs and familiarity with modular building projects. 

More Resources for Modular Building Manufacturers

  • Recent News: Stay up to date with news in the modular building and prefabricated building industry. 
  • Markets Served: Review the markets that are served by The Modular Building Institute and its members. 
  • Associate Collaboration: Find other modular building and prefab associates to fulfill or support your services. 
  • World of Modular: The Modular Building Institute's annual tentpole event for industry networking to various modular and prefab building companies and associates around the world with one another and industry updates. 
  • Project Database: Check our project database for similar projects to the ones you are fulfilling and associate companies that have provided support for them. 

Join The Modular Building Institute for Member Benefits

At Modular Building Institute (MBI), our commitment to your business success revolves around three core pillars: 

Networking & Recognition at World of Modular

With over 40 years of industry leadership, MBI serves as the epicenter for modular building manufacturers. Our renowned World of Modular conference offers a dynamic platform for networking, idea exchange, and staying on the cutting edge of industry trends around the world. As an MBI member, you gain opportunities for sponsorship, access to submitting projects for awards, and presentation at industry-leading events, placing your company at the forefront of the modular construction industry. 

Advocacy for Your Business

As The Voice of Commercial Modular Construction®, MBI is a staunch advocate for modular-friendly legislation. We allow you to utilize your assets effectively by protecting your interests across states and provinces, from taxation to code compliance.

Exclusive Membership Benefits

Gain members-only event pricing for World of Modular, member exclusive content from publications like the Modular Advantage Magazine, and leads and referrals from our membership directory. Beyond these highlights, MBI provides a wealth of resources, integrity promotion, industry analysis, and educational opportunities to enhance business growth. 

Join MBI to discover how our global network, exclusive benefits, and legislative support can elevate your business to new heights. Your success is our commitment.