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Modular Building Architects and Engineers

Welcome to the Modular Building Institute (MBI), the non-profit trade association dedicated to serving the dynamic modular construction industry across the globe. Here, we have created a directory of modular and prefabricated construction companies from around the world so that you can find the professionals you need for your project. Choose from accomplished modular building architects and innovative modular building engineers in your area who are at the forefront of the modular/offsite construction arena.


Why Choose Modular Construction for Your Next Building Project?

Modular construction is revolutionizing the building industry with its cost-effectiveness, speed, and sustainability. With the potential to cut construction times in half while ensuring a high standard of quality, making use of the benefits of modular construction is as easy as hiring a modular construction contractor, manufacturer, or associate for your next project. This method combines adaptability with its environmental benefits and efficient utilization of resources, making it the smart choice for the modern builder. Connect with an expert modular building engineer or visionary modular building architect for your next building project today. 

More Resources for Architects and Engineers

  • World of Modular: The Modular Building Institute's annual tentpole event for connecting to various modular and prefab building companies and associates and networking within the worldwide industry. 
  • Markets Served: Review the markets that are served by the Modular Building Institute and its members. 
  • Recent News: Stay up to date with news in the modular building and prefabricated building industry. 
  • Associate Collaboration: Find other modular building and prefab associates to fulfill or support your services. 
  • Project Database: Check our project database for recent modular building projects and associate companies that have provided support for them. 

Benefits of Choosing MBI-Affiliated Architects and Engineers

Insightful Expertise

MBI boasts an extensive repository of research, annual reports, whitepapers, and third-party analyses, directly benefitting member projects with cutting-edge solutions. 

Networking & Recognition

Through events like the World of Modular Conference, MBI provides a dynamic platform for members, fostering awareness of industry trends and promoting innovative solutions. 

A Voice in Legislation

MBI's commitment to advocating for modular-friendly legislation ensures industry-specific codes and regulations are shaped by its members, enhancing compliance, streamlining processes, and reducing risks.

Your Next Project Deserves the Best

When it comes to modular construction, the right professionals make all the difference. The architects and engineers you'll find listed here are not just skilled—they’re specialized. As dedicated modular building architects and engineers, they understand how important the nuances of modular design, pertinent codes, and specific country and region requirements are of any modular building project. This equips them with the skills to bring your vision to life while ensuring compliance, safety, and optimal efficiency. 


Start Your Journey Confidently 

Explore our directory, delve into the profiles of modular building architects and engineers in your area, and connect with them to discuss your projects.  

Keep in mind, in the realm of modular construction, precision, expertise, and experience are paramount. Begin your next project with an MBI member supporting you, and witness your modular visions transform into reality. 

Join MBI as an Associate Architect/Engineer Member

Choosing to be a member of MBI comes with a litany of benefits. On top of being listed in our member directory for design professionals, members receive further benefits, such as access to member-executive content from Modular Advantage Magazine, government affairs advocacy, leads and referrals, sponsorship and advertising opportunities, and more! Our members aren't merely acquainted with the industry; they actively shape and advance it. They are visionaries and pioneers, driving innovation and setting benchmarks that others aspire to achieve.