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Associate (Financing)

Launching a commercial/multifamily modular building project is an exciting venture, but it also comes with its unique set of financial considerations. That's where the Modular Building Institute (MBI) can become a reliable resource to find associates and contractors to fill your project needs. As an international non-profit trade association and the official Voice of Commercial Modular Construction®, MBI brings you options in financing associates with our directory for modular building companies. The insights and services these associates offer fit the financial profiles of both permanent modular construction (PMC) and relocatable buildings (RB). 

The Financial Specifics of Modular Construction

Traditional construction and modular construction are not the same when it comes to financial planning. The latter often demands a more significant upfront investment. All building materials need to be ordered in advance, given the off-site, controlled conditions under which the modular construction takes place. But it's not all about upfront costs. Modular construction stands out for its efficiency and sustainability, cutting construction time in half and reducing waste. 

The MBI Advantage:

  • Tailored Financial Strategies: Opting for an MBI member for modular building financing ensures a customized financial approach aligned with modular construction timelines and your project milestones. 
  • Request Quotes: Access a thorough list of financing associates in your area through MBI’s directory to request quotes from qualified professionals in your vicinity. 
  • Comparative Guide: The quotes serve as a comparative guide to choose the optimal construction financing for your venture. 
  • Preparedness: Engage with financiers that help prepare for the subsequent phases of your project. 

Ahead of the Industry: World of Modular

For over 40 years, MBI has convened industry professionals through events like its World of Modular conference and tradeshow, allowing modular building finance associates to foster a rich network in the industry and learn of emerging trends in modular construction. Membership in MBI provides a platform for individuals and companies to interact, share insights, and showcase their innovative solutions. 

Exclusive Membership Content

Members gain access to valuable training and education on a variety of relevant topics, along with inclusion in our Member Directory, acting as a significant conduit for networking and work referrals. Additionally, members are privy to complimentary MBI publications including the insightful Modular Advantage magazine and industry-leading Annual Reports, containing the latest trends, analyses, and achievements within the modular construction realm

Voice of Commercial Modular Construction®

Become a member of MBI and harness the power of collective advocacy in government affairs, crucial for fostering a favorable environment for modular construction practices. MBI works towards removing industry barriers and promoting modular construction adoption, ensuring a landscape ripe for growth and expansion.

Unveil the Benefits of MBI Membership

Choosing an MBI member for your modular building financing brings along other invaluable perks. By choosing an MBI member, you know that they have access to a wealth of resources that other modular building associates don’t – including access to a network of innovative collaborators, access to modular research results, and training and education on relevant topics. 

Embark on your modular construction journey with confidence. Leverage the MBI network to find the optimal modular building financing solutions tailored to your needs. 

Join The Modular Building Institute as a Financing Associates

For companies seeking to join MBI as one of our listed associates, we welcome all modular building companies and associates to apply for membership! MBI membership grants access to a rich reservoir of resources including leads and referrals, sponsorship opportunities, exclusive industry analysis, comprehensive training, and education on a myriad of relevant topics, not to mention includion in the printed Member Directory and complimentary acess to MBI publications like the Modular Advantage magazine and industry-leading Annual Reports, therefore fostering a conducive environment for continuous professional growth and innovation.