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Modular Building in Virginia

Virginia stands as a prominent center for modular construction, featuring an extensive network of companies specializing in modular building, encompassing developers, contractors, architects, manufacturers, among others. These firms, all integral members of the Modular Building Institute (MBI), are committed to the highest levels of quality and adherence to regulatory standards, highlighting the region's leadership in modular builders and modular office buildings in Virginia.

Modular Building Projects Thriving in Virginia

Virginia's modular construction sector flourishes, supported by the state's vibrant economic environment and wide-ranging construction requirements. In fact, Virginia was the first state to adopt the ICC/MBI 1200 and 1205 ANSI standards for offsite construction, bring consistency and standardization to modular building projects across the Commonwealth.

From the lively urban areas of Richmond and Norfolk to the tranquil vistas of the Shenandoah Valley, there's a high demand for the efficiency, affordability, and adaptability of modular construction, reinforcing Virginia's position as a leader in modular buildings of all kinds.


Modular Building for All Markets 

Our members are experts in a diverse range of modular construction projects, from commercial structures and educational facilities to healthcare centers and residential complexes. Virginia's modular building firms are recognized for their dedication to innovative solutions and sustainable practices, ensuring that every project not only meets but also exceeds expectations, highlighting our leadership in modular builders and modular office buildings across Virginia.

Staying Abreast with Industry Trends 

Collaborating with a Virginia modular building company through MBI means partnering with industry-leading professionals at the vanguard of modular technology. Our members are consistently informed about the latest trends and breakthroughs in the field, ensuring your project is enhanced with the most cutting-edge techniques and materials available, emphasizing our role in advancing modular builders and modular classrooms, hotels, and office buildings in Virginia.


Connect with Industry Experts 

Working with a Virginia modular building company affiliated with MBI entails joining forces with top-tier industry experts who provide innovative, high-quality, and eco-friendly modular construction solutions. No matter the scope of your project, from intimate residential units to expansive commercial endeavors, our members possess the skill and resources necessary to realize your vision, spotlighting our commitment to leading modular builders and modular office buildings in Virginia.

Virginia MBI Members

We encourage you to discover the potential with Virginia modular building. Witness firsthand the efficiency, innovation, and superior quality our members contribute to every project. For additional details or to initiate your project with a quote request, reach out to a Modular Building Institute member today. Allow us to assist in transforming your modular construction endeavor in Virginia into a definitive success.


The MBI member directory is designed to assist you in locating the ideal partner for your specific needs. It features a search functionality that lets you narrow down members by category, such as developers, contractors, architects, and manufacturers.


It's important to note that MBI does not specifically endorse any individual member, and all quote requests should be directed to MBI members themselves. MBI serves as an accessible directory for those seeking to embark on a modular building project, in addition to being a hub for networking and educational opportunities for our members, emphasizing our leadership in modular builders and modular office buildings in Virginia.