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Modular Building in Florida

In Florida, a strong network of modular building developers, contractors, architects, and manufacturers form the backbone of the state’s growing modular industry. Many of these entities are esteemed members of the Modular Building Institute (MBI), committed to upholding the utmost in quality and compliance with regulatory standards.

Modular Building Projects Thriving in Florida

In Florida, the modular construction sector flourishes, driven by the state's vibrant economy and varied construction demands. From the energetic urban centers of Miami and Orlando to the peaceful settings of the Florida Keys, modular building methods are prized for their efficiency, affordability, and flexibility.


Modular Building for All Markets 

Our members excel in diverse modular construction endeavors, encompassing commercial spaces, educational campuses, healthcare centers, and residential developments. Florida's modular construction firms are distinguished by their dedication to innovation and sustainability, guaranteeing that every project not only meets but surpasses expectations.

Staying Abreast with Industry Trends 

Collaborating with a Florida-based modular building company via MBI means partnering with experts at the cutting edge of modular innovation. Our members stay abreast of the newest industry trends and advancements, ensuring your project leverages the most sophisticated techniques and materials on the market.


Connect with Industry Experts 

Working with a Florida modular building company affiliated with MBI signifies joining forces with pioneers in delivering top-tier, inventive, and eco-friendly modular constructions. Regardless of the project's scale, from compact residential properties to extensive commercial ventures, our members possess the proficiency and resources necessary to actualize your vision.

In fact, MBI’s premier event, World of Modular, is often held in Orlando, Florida. Hosted at the luxurious Rosen Shingle Creek in 2024, this event is the world’s biggest gathering of modular construction professionals in the world. Learn more about World of Modular.

Florida MBI Members

We encourage you to discover what modular construction in Florida has to offer. Experience the efficiency, innovation, and quality that our members inject into every project. For further details or to initiate your project with a quote request, get in touch with a member of the Modular Building Institute today. Let us assist in turning your modular construction project in Florida into a remarkable achievement.


The MBI member directory is at your disposal to find the ideal partner for your requirements. It features a search tool that enables you to sort members by their specialization, including developers, contractors, architects, and manufacturers.


Please be aware that MBI does not endorse any particular member, and requests for quotes should be directed to MBI members directly. MBI serves as a convenient directory for those seeking to undertake a modular building project, as well as a platform for networking and educational opportunities for our members.