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North America

Founded in 1983, the Modular Building Institute stands as a pivotal international nonprofit trade association in the modular construction industry. Serving as a beacon of innovation and progress, MBI’s mission aligns with the modern trends in modular/off-site construction. As a dynamic organization, we have evolved to encompass a diverse membership, including architects, owners and developers, general contractors, manufacturers, product and service providers, and more. MBI specializes in two key segments: permanent modular construction (PMC) and relocatable buildings (RB), offering a platform for members from various facets of the industry. 

Diverse Membership in North America

MBI’s North American presence is marked by a wide array of business types, reflecting the versatile nature of the modular construction industry. The membership includes: 


  • Architects: Design professionals who craft blueprints that blend aesthetics with functionality, all within the modular framework. Their creations set the standard for modular architecture, pushing boundaries and redefining space utilization. 
  • Manufacturers: The craftsmen who bring architectural visions to life, these members work in state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring precision and quality control in every module they produce. 
  • Contractors: These professionals are adept at assembling modular pieces into a cohesive, functional whole, bridging the gap between conception and reality. 
  • Finance Associates: A growing segment of the industry, these service professionals ensure that visions are not just dreamt but also realized. 

This diverse composition of members underscores MBI’s role as a unifying force in the modular construction sector in North America. 


Advantages for MBI Members in North America

MBI offers a wealth of benefits to its members, fostering growth, learning, and networking opportunities: 

Educational and Training Resources

MBI has cultivated a rich repository of research, annual reports, whitepapers, and third-party analyses. This extensive knowledge is directly channeled into projects undertaken by its members, ensuring cutting-edge solutions for every build.

Exclusive Access to Contract Opportunities

Membership opens doors to a multitude of business opportunities, offering a competitive edge in the market. This access enhances the prospects of members and showcases their capabilities on a larger stage. 

Enhanced Visibility and Credibility

Being a part of MBI enhances a member’s market presence. The association’s endorsement adds a layer of credibility and trustworthiness, crucial in today’s competitive market. 

Rich Networking Platforms

MBI organizes events like the World of Modular,” which allow members to network, share ideas, and collaborate on projects around the globe. These gatherings are vital for fostering partnerships and exploring new business avenues. 

Vigorous Advocacy and Support

MBI actively advocates for its members, influencing policies and regulations to favor the modular construction industry. This support is invaluable for navigating the complex legislative landscape. 


Exclusive Industry Insights and Publications

Members gain access to the latest research, comprehensive industry reports, and prestigious publications like Modular Advantage. These resources are vital for staying informed and ahead in a fast-paced industry. 

MBI is much more than an association; it stands as a dynamic force propelling the modular construction industry forward in North America and around the world. MBI offers a comprehensive array of benefits that empower its members to excel and actively shape the future of modular construction. Joining MBI represents a significant step, offering a partnership in innovation and growth rather than a mere membership.