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Wholesale Modular Building Manufacturers

For large scale modular building provision and construction projects, it is crucial to partner with skilled wholesale modular manufacturing companies: builders that produce modular buildings for sale, lease, or rent through dealers or contractors. 

Enter The Modular Building Institute (MBI), the international non-profit association driving the modular construction revolution since 1983. MBI's membership comprises various wholesale modular and portable building manufacturers specializing in permanent modular construction (PMC) and relocatable buildings (RB). 

From hotels and office complexes to educational institutions and gas stations, these modular manufacturing companies are experienced in meeting all safety codes and country-specific requirements for their modular projects.  

Considering a modular building venture? Partnering with MBI-affiliated wholesale modular and portable building manufacturers guarantees expertise, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. You'll receive top-notch quality but also the assurance that your project will align with industry best practices. 

More Resources for Wholesale Modular Building Manufacturers

  • Markets Served: Review the markets that are served by The Modular Building Institute and its members. 
  • Associate Collaboration: Find other modular building and prefab associates to fulfill or support your services. 
  • Recent News: Stay up to date with news in the modular building and prefabricated building industry. 
  • Project Database: Check our project database for similar projects to the ones you are fulfilling and associate companies that have provided support for them. 
  • World of Modular: The Modular Building Institute's annual tentpole event for industry networking and connecting to various modular and prefab building companies and associates from around the world. 

Join the Modular Building Institute for Member Benefits

Networking & Recognition at World of Modular

For over 40 years, MBI has been the hub for commercial modular building professionals. Our World of Modular Conference and tradeshow provides a dynamic platform for networking, idea exchange, and business development. As an MBI member, you gain opportunities to sponsor, submit projects for awards, and present at industry-leading events. This exposure puts your company at the forefront of the modular construction industry. 

Advocacy for Your Business

MBI is the Voice of Commercial Modular Construction®. From taxation to code compliance, we protect your interests across states and provinces, allowing you to utilize your assets effectively. 

Exclusive Membership Benefits

As an MBI member, you gain access to exclusive content and members-only event pricing, delivering value while saving you money. Beyond these highlights, we offer a wealth of resources, industry analysis, integrity promotion, and education to enhance your professional growth. 

Join MBI and discover how our global network, legislative support, and exclusive benefits can elevate your business to new heights. Your success is our commitment. 

Explore Modular Building Case Studies

Panel Built Provides Custom Modular Enclosure for Major Beverage Manufacturer

The challenge was twofold. Firstly, Panel Built needed to create a spacious enclosure that could accommodate a large facility crane. This enclosure required a design that provided ample storage space and integrated seamlessly with the existing infrastructure. Secondly, the structure needed to incorporate office space that offered personnel an unimpeded, 360-degree view of the factory floor.

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Fire Station 67

Fire Station 67 is designed in direct response to the climate crisis, the increasing threat of wildfires, and the needs to the Rancho Mission Viejo community. Prefabricated off-site and assembled from 10 modules, the 4,667-square-foot fire station is a modular design with the ability to reconfigure the structure into something new in the future.

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Maceo May

Maceo May is a six-story, all-electric modular construction, affordable housing development located on Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay. The climate-responsive design provides 104 homes for formerly homeless veterans and their families with a strong focus on decarbonization, resilience and wellness. The apartment building offers 1 on-site manager’s unit, and a mix of 24 studio, 47 one-bedroom and 34 two-bedroom units.

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The Sphere Made Possible with Exterior Wall Panels

This one-of-a-kind structure required one-of-a-kind building materials and exterior cladding that could accommodate the atypical geometries, project timelines, and significant daily foot traffic. Offsite construction, in the form of Dryvit’s Outsulite prefabricated panels of continuous insulation (CI), was the key method for streamlining the façade installation and ensuring quality control for the difficult building connections.

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Modular Construction for Financial Viability: The Norwalk Project Case Study

The Norwalk project serves as a prime example of how Offsite Modular Construction, in collaboration with Architects, Consultants/Engineers, General Contractors (GC), and Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection (MEP/FP) Subcontractors, can make projects financially feasible by closely working with the Owner/Developer under an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) approach.

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STAAT MOD Patient Bed Expansion at M Health Fairview – St. John’s Hospital

Construction firm The Boldt Company, and interdisciplinary design firm, HGA were engaged by St. John’s Hospital to deliver a 16-bed ICU patient observation wing onto the existing facility, built to over 90 percent completion offsite in Appleton, Wisc., then seamlessly transported and installed on the St. John’s campus – the first of its kind in the state of Minnesota.

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Offsite Modular Construction Builds and Installs 12 New Classrooms for Westlake Academy in 100 Days

OMC utilized modular construction techniques to manufacture two brand new permanent 6,400-square-foot modular buildings, each housing six classrooms. The process included innovative design features for safety, durability, environmental sustainability, integrated technology enhancements, and health-oriented construction.

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Formula 1 Race, Las Vegas, Nevada

In partnership with InProduction, Phoenix Modular Elevator (PME) designed, manufactured, and installed seven modular elevators for the F1 Grand Prix race in Las Vegas, Nevada. To minimize space, the design utilized machine roomless (MRL) hydraulic elevators, eliminating the need for separate machine rooms for each elevator. Instead, using the MRL design, the machine room equipment is built into the hoistway, and accessed via a small door on the side.

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Silverking Student Housing, Selkirk College

ROC Modular was proud to deliver a much-needed new permanent modular Student Housing Residence for Selkirk College, located at the Silverking Campus in Nelson BC. The project is a 3-storey, 12-module 38-student bed building with a mass-timber main common area for student amenities.

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Parkhurst Elementary School Classroom Additions

The Parkhurst Elementary School in Winchester, MA, has recently undergone an expansion of 13,074 square feet. Due to renovations at the neighboring Lynch School, students were temporarily relocated to Parkhurst. Modular construction was chosen as the preferred method to accommodate the influx of students and prepare for the start of the 2023-2024 school year.

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