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Portable Classrooms

Modular Building Institute (MBI), the leading organization in modular and prefabricated architecture, proudly connects you with industry leaders specializing in portable and relocatable classrooms. These modular solutions are innovative and sustainable, aligning with modern educational needs and environmental consciousness.

What Are Relocatable Classrooms?

Relocatable classrooms, also known as portable classrooms, offer a versatile and eco-friendly solution to space constraints and changing demographic needs in educational environments. These structures are designed to be moved and repurposed as needed, providing a practical alternative to traditional building methods. With options to rent or purchase, relocatable classrooms serve as an immediate solution to the urgent demands for educational spaces that are both cost-effective and quick to deploy.


Portable classrooms are widely utilized across the educational sector, from primary schools to colleges. They are an excellent choice for:


- Addressing temporary space shortages during renovation or expansion projects.

- Providing additional long-term classroom space as school populations grow.

- Serving as specialized learning centers, like science labs or art studios.

The benefits of choosing relocatable classrooms include:

Speed of Construction

Modular classrooms can be ready for use significantly faster than traditional buildings, allowing educational institutions to respond swiftly to increasing student numbers or temporary disruptions. This expedited timeline ensures minimal disruption to educational programs and early utilization of the new facilities.

Cost Efficiency

Less labor and time-intensive, these classrooms are a budget-friendly option. By reducing the need for extensive on-site construction and leveraging factory precision, costs are further minimized, translating to substantial savings over the lifecycle of the building.


Easily relocated or reconfigured to meet changing needs, portable classrooms provide unmatched adaptability in the face of evolving educational demands or site developments. This versatility also allows schools to experiment with different spatial arrangements to enhance learning environments without permanent alterations.


Reduced construction waste and often built with eco-friendly materials, modular classrooms contribute to a smaller environmental footprint. The controlled factory setting enhances resource efficiency and allows for better recycling processes, supporting the global push towards greener building practices.

MBI members have spearheaded numerous successful projects, demonstrating the versatility and efficiency of modular construction in educational settings. Notable examples include:


Parkhurst Elementary School – This project highlighted adaptability and thoughtful design, featuring modular classrooms seamlessly integrated into the school's existing infrastructure to accommodate an influx of students. The project overcame challenges such as a constrained site, inclement weather, and community coordination, resulting in a safe, efficient learning environment.


Long Island Lutheran Middle & High School – Here, relocatable buildings provided necessary learning spaces without disrupting the school's ongoing activities.


Terrebonne Parish School District – A testament to the resilience of modular constructions, these classrooms were swiftly deployed to recover from severe infrastructure damages.

Connect With Our Members

If you are considering portable classrooms for rent or sale, we encourage you to connect with our network of experts. MBI members are equipped to deliver tailor-made solutions that align with your specific requirements, ensuring that your next educational space is both innovative and inspiring. 


Visit our website to explore our member directory and find a partner in your area who can provide high-quality, reliable relocatable classrooms tailored to your needs.


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