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Terrebonne Parish School District

Company: Vesta Modular, Titan Modular Systems Inc & Nomodic Modular Structures LLC
Location: Houma, Louisiana, United States 
Gross Size of Project: 132,096 Square Feet
Days to Complete: 150

Award Criteria

Architectural Excellence

Terrebonne Parish School District had two school campuses destroyed during Hurricane Ida. With the destruction of their current campus, they needed to share facilities with neighboring campuses until a temporary solution was provided. VESTA built two temporary campuses for the Terrebonne Parish School District; one campus for South Terrebonne High School and one for Ellender Memorial High School. 172 floors were installed across both locations which included the required classroom space, 4 working kitchens for their Home Economics program, 2 Science labs, a Library, cafeteria, changing rooms for physical education, separate band/music buildings as well as gang and private restrooms at each location. Both campuses were carefully designed with consideration for the student’s experience. Each building was connected with a site built covered walkway to ensure the campuses felt cohesive as well as protect staff and students from the elements.

Technical Innovation & Sustainability

In order to adhere to the aggressive construction schedule, VESTA utilized two separate manufacturers and transport companies to construct and deliver the required 172 floors in a timely manner. In order to minimize site disruption and deliver the extensive number of floors, VESTA’s solution was to build new units. Each building was delivered with all specialty components included. The science labs came equipped with gas systems, vent hoods, and makeup air units. The Home Economics rooms included full fire rated mini kitchens that are comprised of a stove top and mini fridge. We were able to use pre-designed VESTA stock units that were outfitted to work for each room type. In order to minimize our carbon footprint, all buildings were finished with VESTA colors and standard finishes to be removed and reused on other projects after the completion of the current lease.

Cost Effectiveness

Since we partnered with two different companies for construction and delivery of the units, we finished the project within the time constraints provided by the district. The building was constructed to 90% completion level at the factory, to save on time and material costs by designing all the units with our standard 12’x64’ stock VESTA layouts. From there, we added features to meet the required specification for each building type on the Terrebonne Parish campuses. All finishes were standard VESTA materials and colors in order to minimize cost with the ability to reuse the buildings after the completion of the lease term. There was a wide-spread shortage of hurricane impact rated windows, but we took advantage of other solutions. We were able to outfit the windows with a special film that met all the same codes, fit our budget, and kept us within the allotted time frame.

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