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Modular Building in North Carolina

The Modular Building Institute (MBI) is a non-profit trade association dedicated to the global modular construction industry. Our members, including manufacturers, contractors, and dealers in North Carolina and around the US, specialize in two critical segments: Permanent Modular Construction (PMC) and Relocatable Buildings (RB). Furthermore, associate members consist of businesses that supply the North Carolina modular construction sector with essential building components, services, and financial solutions, highlighting modular builders in NC and modular office buildings in North Carolina.

Our varied membership includes a variety of businesses in the North Carolina modular construction sector, including developers, contractors, architects, and manufacturers. Together, we are united in driving forward modular building practices in North Carolina, emphasizing our commitment to fostering innovation, and excellence within the modular builders and modular office buildings in the state.

A Growing Demand for Modular Construction

In North Carolina, the need for efficient, sustainable, and economical construction solutions is on the rise. Modular construction in North Carolina, a process that involves constructing building sections offsite and assembling them onsite, provides a forward-thinking solution to meet these demands. Our members in North Carolina are experts in this approach, delivering innovative designs and superior craftsmanship in every project, underscoring the capabilities of modular builders in NC and modular office buildings in North Carolina.

At the Modular Building Institute (MBI), a core aspect of our mission is our strong commitment to industry advocacy, ensuring that regulatory compliance and innovation are at the forefront of the modular construction sector. In North Carolina, as well as across the United States, MBI actively engages in advocacy at both the state and federal levels. Our member companies in North Carolina diligently adhere to all relevant state and local building regulations, which exemplifies our dedication to not only meet but often exceed regulatory standards. This strict compliance is essential for ensuring the safety, durability, and quality of modular constructions. Our proactive advocacy efforts are designed to support and advance legislative and regulatory environments that foster innovation and excellence within the modular building industry, highlighting our commitment to enhancing industry standards and promoting sustainable growth nationwide.


Networking in the Industry 

Our network in North Carolina is widespread, comprising specialists in all areas of modular construction. Whether you're seeking a developer to guide your project from inception to completion, a contractor proficient in modular construction in North Carolina, an architect versed in modular aesthetics, or a manufacturer equipped with advanced facilities, our members are ready to support you. This collaborative effort among our experts ensures your vision is achieved with efficiency and precision by modular builders and developers who understand the market in North Carolina.

Modular Buildings for All Markets 

Recognizing the varied needs of the North Carolina market, our members provide modular solutions tailored to a wide range of uses. From commercial and educational facilities to healthcare institutions and residential dwellings, the adaptability of modular construction meets the distinct requirements of each sector. Our members utilize the most recent technological advancements and sustainable methods to develop functional, eco-friendly spaces, showcasing our commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility in the modular construction industry.

Find a Member in Your Area 

For those ready to start a modular building project in North Carolina, MBI serves as your portal to a vast array of expertise and resources. Choose an MBI member in your vicinity and request a quote to get support for your modular project. The MBI member directory simplifies the process of finding the ideal team for your endeavor, saving you time while ensuring a partnership with a reputable modular building collaborator in or around North Carolina.

North Carolina MBI Members

As part of the Modular Building Institute, each member business plays a crucial role in raising the standards of modular construction in North Carolina. We encourage you to explore the opportunities our members offer and discover how modular construction can transform your project with unmatched efficiency, superior quality, and creative solutions, reflecting our dedication to advancing modular building practices in the state.

For a complete list of members who serve North Carolina, please visit the MBI member directory.