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Canada Modular Building


The Modular Building Institute, established in 1983, is a pivotal organization in the realm of modular construction. Serving as the international non-profit trade association, MBI brings together an extensive network of professionals, including manufacturers, contractors, and dealers specializing in modular building in Canada. They specialize in two key areas: Permanent Modular Construction (PMC) and Relocatable Buildings (RB). 

MBI has been a cornerstone in the modular building of Canada industry, offering comprehensive insights and analysis of the modular construction sector. With a strong presence in Canada, MBI represents a significant portion of the modular building market, providing unmatched expertise and resources. 

The Rise of Modular Construction in Canada

With a recent focus on affordable and attainable modular housing, Canada has seen a notable surge in the adoption of modular building practices. This innovative approach to construction, championed by the MBI, has revolutionized the way buildings are constructed. The modular construction method, characterized by constructing building modules in a controlled factory setting and then assembling them on-site, offers numerous advantages such as reduced construction time, cost efficiency, and minimal environmental impact. 


MBI’s Role in Shaping the Industry 

As the industry's forefront organization, the MBI has played a crucial role in shaping the modular construction industry in Canada. MBI  has worked closely with the Canadian Mortgage Housing Corporation for the past several years, helping usher in billions of dollars for modular-only housing development and construction. In addition, MBI's comprehensive industry analysis reveals that the permanent modular construction industry reached a remarkable $12 billion in North America in 2022, with a substantial share of this growth occurring in Canada. The multifamily sector has emerged as the dominant market, accounting for about one-third of all factory output in the modular building industry. 

Comprehensive Network of Modular Construction Companies 

MBI's membership includes a wide range of modular construction companies in Canada. This includes developers, contractors, architects, and manufacturers, all of whom adhere to stringent regulatory guidelines and stay abreast of the latest industry innovations. This network of professionals ensures that anyone seeking modular construction companies in Canada can access top-tier, quality-assured services. 

World of Modular: A Hub of Industry Excellence 

MBI hosts the World of Modular, an esteemed trade show that showcases the latest trends, innovations, and products in the modular construction industry. This event serves as a melting pot of ideas and a platform for networking, providing attendees with the opportunity to connect with industry leaders and experts from across Canada and beyond. 


The Future of Modular Innovation

With its rich history, expansive network, and unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability, MBI is the ideal partner for anyone seeking modular building solutions in Canada. Whether you are a developer, contractor, or individual client, MBI's resources and network offer unparalleled support and guidance for your modular construction project in Canada.