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South America

In the construction space, where time is as valuable as the structures themselves, the Modular Building Institute (MBI) emerges as a visionary force. Established in 1983, our international nonprofit trade association has served the modular construction industry around the world. MBI is committed to providing comprehensive information, education, and a network that binds a community of diverse professionals, from architects to financial experts, in the pursuit of a common goal: reimagining building practices through modular construction. 

MBI’s Diverse Member Base in South America

South America’s construction landscape is enriched by MBI’s growing member network, encompassing professionals and companies across various offsite construction sectors. The membership includes innovative architects who design sustainable and efficient modular buildings, skilled manufacturers adept in the latest construction techniques, diligent contractors who bring modular designs to life, and fleet operators providing essential workforce housing solutions. These members represent the backbone of the modular construction industry in South America, contributing to its growth and evolution. 


Advantages for MBI Members in South America

Members of MBI in South America enjoy benefits that significantly enhance their business prospects and industry knowledge, including: 

Educational and Training Resources:

MBI offers comprehensive educational programs and training sessions tailored to the modular construction industry. These resources enable members to stay abreast of the newest trends, technologies, and best practices, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the industry.

Visibility and Credibility

Being a part of MBI elevates a member’s standing in the industry. The association’s reputation for quality and integrity extends to its members, providing them with enhanced visibility and credibility in the market.

International Networking Platforms

Events like World of Modular provide a fertile ground for networking, idea exchange, and collaboration. These meetups are instrumental in forging strong international partnerships and exploring innovative business ventures. 

Modular Construction: A Smart, Faster, Greener Approach

Modular construction, championed by MBI, revolutionizes building processes. It involves constructing buildings off-site under controlled conditions, using the same materials and the same codes as traditional construction but in nearly half the time. This method is not only faster, but also greener, reducing waste and site disturbances. Modular buildings, once assembled, are indistinguishable from their site-built counterparts, showcasing the sophistication and capability of modern construction techniques. 

MBI's journey in South America extends beyond merely building structures; it's about constructing a future. As a pioneer of change, MBI brings together a community of diverse professionals, each adding to the mosaic of modular construction. Our unwavering dedication to education, networking, and advocacy has propelled the modular construction industry forward and solidified our position as an essential part of the future of construction.