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Government Agencies for Commercial Modular Building

Initiating a commercial project for government modular buildings or building projects with government assisted funding and stipulations presents a unique array of obstacles and intricacies, especially when it comes to adhering to regulatory requirements and local ordinances. This is where the members of Modular Building Institute step in as a valuable resource. Founded in 1983, the Modular Building Institute is an international nonprofit trade association that serves as a hub for members with modular construction expertise. Our diverse membership includes manufacturers, contractors, dealers, and administrative government agencies for assistance with regulatory oversight. 

Why Choose an MBI-Affiliated Government Agency?

When you choose to work with a government administrative agency that is a member of MBI, you are opting for a partner that has worked with contract and property management, monitoring, and regulation enforcement of government modular buildings and government sponsored buildings. These agencies can provide you with guidance needed to pilot compliancy with regards to local regulatory standards. Furthermore, these agencies can offer insights into area-specific funding opportunities, helping you make your project not only compliant but also economically viable. 

More Resources for Government Agencies and Modular Builders

  • Government Affairs: MBI has a dedicated government affairs team that works with government agencies around the world to advocate for modular building and create opportunity for industry growth. 
  • Markets Served: View markets and areas served by The Modular Building Institute and its members.  
  • World of Modular:Register for MBI’s annual tentpole event for networking and connecting across the industry to various modular and prefab building associates and companies from around the world.  
  • Associate Collaboration: Locate other modular building and prefab associates to fulfill or support other modular services.  
  • Project Database: Our project database contains similar projects to the ones you are fulfilling and applicable associate companies that have provided support for them.  
  • Recent News:Stay informed with news in the modular building and prefabricated building industry.  

Benefits of Choosing MBI for Government Associated Modular Building

Regulatory Peace of Mind

MBI stands as the acknowledged Voice of Commercial Modular Construction®, tirelessly advocating for favorable legislation and industry codes in the modular building realm. This advocacy ensures that modular building suppliers remain compliant with existing laws and regulations, all while maintaining a high standard of quality in materials and supplies they provide. 

Stay Updated with the Modular Advantage Magazine

This bi-monthly publication delves into specific modular construction topics, featuring engaging interviews, insightful articles, industry news, and updates from MBI and its vast member base. Moreover, membership grants exclusive access to certain publications within the magazine, enabling informed decision-making and fostering a conducive environment for leveraging modular construction solutions in government projects. 

Invitation to The World of Modular

Attending our annual hallmark event, the World of Modular Conference and tradeshow, offers modular builders to immerse themselves in the modular building industry. By attending World of Modular, they can foster fruitful collaborations, stay updated on the latest industry trends, and position themselves at the forefront of modular construction innovations, ensuring leverage of efficient and sustainable modular building industry solutions.

Take Action Today for a Successful Tomorrow: Request Quotes from Qualified Professionals

MBI’s comprehensive directory is designed to make your life easier. It allows you to request quotes from a range of qualified professionals in your locality. This feature is particularly useful for comparing different service offerings and selecting the one that aligns perfectly with your project requirements. Contact an MBI member today for your modular project. 

Joining the MBI as a member presents a unique opportunity for government agencies to collaborate on projects from external companies and agencies. Being an MBI-affiliated member amplifies your visibility in the modular construction arena, showcasing your specialized knowledge in navigating regulatory landscapes and identifying bespoke funding options, thereby attracting partnerships for modular building projects. Your pathway to a myriad of commercial modular building opportunities begins with MBI membership.