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Find Trusted Modular Building Services Through MBI

Modular construction is known for its speed, and modular building service associates can help expedite the process further by streamlining logistics, providing tools and software, planning projects, providing funding, and coordinating execution. 


When it comes to embarking on a commercial modular building project, the Modular Building Institute, the world’s largest modular building association, is your go-to resource for finding qualified professionals. Our service associates are more than just members; they are partners in our mission to revolutionize the construction industry. 

Why Choose an MBI Service Associate?

MBI service associates offer a comprehensive range of modular building services for your project needs, including building inspections, logistics, insurance, consulting, and crane and setting services. Our members handle their projects with precision and professionalism. 

Our service modular building associates are committed to quality and adhere to industry standards. Because modular buildings are subject to various regulations and codes, our service associate members stay up-to-date with requirements and ensure that projects comply with relevant laws. Whether you need help with building inspections, logistics, or any othermodular building services, you can trust our members to handle your project with the utmost care. 

More Resources for Modular Building Associates

  • Associate Collaboration: Locate other modular building and prefab associates to fulfill or support other modular services.  
  • Markets Served: View markets served by the Modular Building Institute and its members.  
  • World of Modular:Register for MBI’s annual tentpole event for international networking and education. 
  • Recent News:Stay informed with news in the modular building and prefabricated building industry.  
  • Project Database: Our project database contains similar projects to the ones you are fulfilling and applicable associate companies that have provided support for them.  

MBI Member Benefits for Modular Building Associates

Government Advocacy for Modular Building

With MBI membership, not only can you stay abreast of the evolving industry-specific codes and regulations, but you also contribute to shaping a favorable legislative environment, streamlining your processes, mitigating risks, and propelling the industry towards a future of growth and innovation. 

MBI Member Exclusive Benefits

The recognition garnered through industry awards and the visibility from sponsorship and advertising avenues not only elevates your profile but our membership directory also opens doors to leads and referrals for modular building projects. Additionally, MBI's vibrant network of innovative collaborators coupled with exclusive access to industry insights and analyses, propels your venture into a realm of cutting-edge solutions. 

Invitation to The World of Modular

This premier event, curated by MBI, is a melting pot of networking, idea exchange, and recognition, offering a platform to connect with industry pioneers, earn awards for innovative projects, and glean insights on upcoming industry trends and growth avenues for the year ahead. This annual tradeshow fosters a culture of continuous learning and collaboration among its members, ensuring they are at the cutting edge of industry advancements. 

Get Started Today: Request Quotes from Qualified Professionals

Don’t leave your project to chance. Use our directory to request quotes from service associates who are members of MBI, a recognized modular building association. With MBI, you can compare offerings and select the best fit for your next commercial modular building project. 


If you’re planning a commercial modular building project, partner with modular building associates who are members of the Modular Building Institute. Search our service associates today to ensure your project is a success.