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Relocatable Office Buildings

The need for adaptable, scalable, and cost-effective office spaces is critical. Modular Building Institute (MBI) proudly guides you to a comprehensive network of industry professionals who specialize in modular office solutions. From portable office buildings to office trailers and complex constructions, MBI members provide innovative office spaces that meet the dynamic needs of modern businesses.

What Are Relocatable Office Buildings?

Relocatable office buildings are modular structures designed to be moved, expanded, or modified with minimal disruption. These buildings are an optimal choice for businesses looking for flexibility in their physical space requirements, providing the functionality of permanent offices with the adaptability to change locations or layouts as business needs evolve. Offering both portable office trailers and larger modular office buildings, our members can cater to a range of business sizes and functions.


Portable office buildings serve a variety of purposes, including:


- Temporary offices during traditional office renovations or expansions.

- Permanent office locations for businesses needing quick setup and minimal construction time.

- Scalable office complexes for growing companies that anticipate future expansion.


The advantages of choosing relocatable office solutions include:

Quick Deployment

Modular offices can be operational in a fraction of the time it takes to construct traditional buildings, minimizing business interruption and accelerating the transition.


With most construction occurring off-site, modular offices reduce overall build costs and on-site labor expenses, offering a financially viable option for many businesses.


Portable office buildings can be relocated or reconfigured based on evolving business needs, ensuring a space that grows and changes with your company.


Constructed with sustainable practices and materials, these offices support environmental stewardship while providing modern, energy-efficient workspaces.

Our members have successfully completed a range of notable projects, demonstrating the effectiveness and versatility of modular office constructions:



Hyundai Engineering America Electric Vehicle and Battery Plant – This project showcased the rapid scalability and robustness of modular construction to meet urgent industrial needs.


ANSES Modular Offices (National Social Security Administration) – Modular offices provided a swift and efficient solution for administrative needs, combining functionality with modern design.


Hermeus Office and Engine Testing Center - This testing center is a prime example of modular construction’s potential to create extensive office environments and custom spaces for any industry.

Connect With Our Members

If you are exploring options for portable office buildings, trailers, or comprehensive modular office construction, we encourage you to consult with our network of specialists. Our members are prepared to offer customized solutions that align perfectly with your business requirements, ensuring your office space is both practical and inspiring.


Visit our website to find a member in your area who can help you navigate the possibilities of modular office solutions.


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