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Modular Builders in Africa

The Modular Building Institute (MBI) emerges as a visionary force for commercial modular builders in the construction business, where time is as crucial as structure.   Our international nonprofit trade group, founded in 1983, has been growing the modular building sector around the world, and we are now expanding into modular building in Africa. MBI is committed to providing thorough knowledge, education, and a network that unites a community of professionals, from architects to financial experts, all working toward a single goal:  rethinking building approaches through modular construction.

MBI’s Worldwide Vision

Since 1983, MBI’s mission has been to establish a global network of assistance for support to modular builders. With strong foundations in North America, South America, and Europe, establishing connections in Africa makes good sense. Modular building in Africa is an excellent answer for   rapidly increasing cities and population, giving modular builders and associates in the region a good opportunity to grow their businesses. We want to support these businesses succeed in this expanding landscape by providing a networking platform to easily connect with innovative architects who design eco-friendly and efficient modular buildings, knowledgeable manufacturers who are up to date on the latest construction methods, conscientious contractors who bring modular designs to reality, and fleet managers provide essential workforce housing solutions. Like the industry, MBI’s directory of modular building associates in Africa is always expanding!

A group of modular building construction workers lean against one another, with their recent modular project in the beginning stages of assembeling behind them
A group of modular building construction workers lean against one another, with their recent modular project in the beginning stages of assembeling behind them

Advantages for MBI Members in Africa

Members of MBI, including commercial modular builders in Africa, receive perks that considerably improve their business prospects and industry knowledge, including:

Educational and Training Resources:

MBI offers comprehensive educational programs and training sessions specifically geared to the modular construction industry, including modular building in Africa. These tools allow members to stay up to date on the newest trends, technologies, and best practices, keeping them at the forefront of the industry.

Visibility and Credibility:

Being a member of MBI improves a person's standing in the industry. The association’s global reputation for excellence and honesty to our members enhances members' exposure and credibility in the marketplace.

International Networking Platforms:

Events like World of Modular provide a great environment for networking, idea sharing, and collaboration. These gatherings are critical in forming strong global connections and exploring new corporate partnerships.

Modular Construction: A Smart, Faster, Greener Approach

Modular construction, championed by significant companies such as MBI and commercial modular builders, has transformed building processes. It entails constructing buildings off-site under controlled conditions, using the same materials and codes as traditional construction, but in approximately half the time. This process is not only speedier, but also more environmentally friendly, with less trash and fewer site interruptions. When completed, modular buildings in Africa look exactly like site-built structures, demonstrating the sophistication and capabilities of current construction methods.


MBI is not just expanding our physical footprint across Africa; we are crafting a vision for a new future. Leading the way in transformation, MBI unites a wide array of professionals, enhancing the modular construction sector. Through a strong commitment to education, advocacy, and networking, MBI has become a key player in advancing the modular construction industry, securing our place in the future of building.