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Associate (Materials)

Welcome to the Modular Building Institute (MBI), designed to be your ultimate resource to leading providers of modular building supplies around the world. If you're embarking on a commercial modular building project, you've come to the right place. 

Exceptional Suppliers, Exceptional Quality

In a realm where the quality of raw modular construction materials can make or break a project, it’s imperative to contract a modular building supplierwho can provide the excellence your project requires. These suppliers offer everything from lumber and pipes to modular elevators and electrical assemblies. Find modular construction material providers in your area using MBI’s directory. 

Efficiency Meets Sustainability

Modular construction's strength lies in its efficiency and eco-friendliness, traits that our suppliers know inside and out. By sourcing your materials through an MBI member, you are contributing to a construction methodology that generates less waste, minimizes site disturbance, and reduces the demand for raw modular construction materials. 


The Benefits of an MBI Materials Associate in a Modular Building Project

Regulatory Peace of Mind 

MBI is the recognized Voice of Commercial Modular Construction®, advocating for favorable legislation and industry codes in modular building that allow modular building suppliers to stay in compliance with current laws and regulations while providing quality materials and supplies 

Networking and The World of Modular 

With a legacy extending over 40 years, MBI has been at the forefront in bringing together industry professionals through events like the World of Modular Conference, creating a vibrant networking environment while promoting awareness of evolving trends in modular construction. As a member of MBI, individuals and companies get to interact and share insights but also gain a platform to submit projects and showcase their innovative solutions. Through such events, MBI cultivates a culture of continuous learning and collaboration, propelling the modular construction industry towards innovative advancements. 

MBI Member Exclusive Benefits 

Being a member of MBI opens a gateway to a plethora of exclusive benefits tailored to enhance recognition, knowledge, and collaboration in the modular construction industry. Members enjoy a spectrum of advantages ranging from government affairs advocacy, industry recognition through awards and advertising, to a thriving network of innovative collaborators, all of which are instrumental in shaping and advancing the industry landscape.

Let MBI Empower Your Next Project

Don't just take our word for it. Dive into our comprehensive directory and discover for yourself how an MBI member can elevate your next commercial modular building project. Choose an architectural professional for project design, a supplier for your materials, and a contractor to get it done all in your area and members of MBI. 


Tap into the MBI advantage and lay the cornerstone for a successful modular construction project today. 

Become a Member of The Modular Building Institute

Becoming a member of the Modular Building Institute is a gateway to a realm of resources and networks pivotal for both personal and organizational growth in the modular construction industry. With over 40 years of heritage, MBI provides a robust platform through the World of Modular, where members can attend sponsored events, submit projects for awards, and gain visibility by presenting at industry gatherings. Beyond networking, MBI is a staunch advocate in government affairs, diligently monitoring legislation and regulations to protect members against adverse policies, while also offering a plethora of exclusive benefits such as industry recognition, access to in-depth industry analysis, and conduit for leads and referrals through its member directory, all underlined by a Code of Conduct that promotes integrity and professionalism.