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Hage’s Badehotel — Case Study — Denmark

completed modular structures at Hage's Badehotel

For this project, Forta PRO delivered 72 buildings, 144 modules, with 5,200 m2 of gross modular area. With final onsite completion in June 2023, it provides exceptional long-stay accommodation in a stunning and serene environment.

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Revisiting Remo Home and Its Modular Housing Revolution

ReMo Homes exhibited its net-zero modular home in Washington DC

ReMo Homes founder Vamsi Kumar Kotla has an ambitious goal: assemble a net zero, single-family home with a minimized carbon footprint in just one hour. Surprisingly, his team is close to making his goal a reality. They recently assembled a 400 square foot net zero model home on the National Mall in Washington, DC. Assembly took ten days.

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FullStack Modular’s Bicoastal Moves Are Making Waves

Rendering of Starwood Capital's modular Treehouse Hotel

FullStack Modular’s dedication to sustainability and process yielded their
latest project for its new Portland, OR, factory: a sustainable Treehouse Hotel for Starwood Capital Group in Sunnyvale, California. The six-story Treehouse Hotel features 200 modules and 143 rooms.

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Dynamic Automation Helps Company Create “Snowflakes”

A robot programmed by House of Design assembles a truss for a modular building

House of Design, located in Nampa, Idaho, provides a unique solution to building trusses, walls, and other building assemblies: they call it dynamic automation. Shane Dittrich, CEO, explained the term as “the robots have no idea what they’re building today.”

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ModCribs Are A Better Way

Drawings showing the size, shape, and interior structure of ModCribs modulr cribbing units

Matt Mitchell and Scott Bridger took note of the cribbing other people were using. “We said, it doesn’t seem like anybody’s really working on a better solution to try to fix this,” Bridger said. Then, about four years ago, they decided to see what they could come up with. “That’s when we really in earnest decided to see if we can design and manufacture something that’s just better,” Mitchell said.

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RainStick: The Art of Sustainable Showering

RainStick can reduce water consumption by almost a swimming pool's worth over the course of a year.

A recently developed product promises to provide homeowners with major savings in both energy and water. It’s called RainStick, and one of its founders says users can reduce their water consumption by almost a swimming pool’s worth over the course of a year. With a payback period of just over five years, modular builders focused on sustainability are taking note.

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Now for 2024, by Anirban Basu

Anirban Basu, CEO of Sage Policy Group and Chief Economist of the Modular Building Institute

Anirban Basu, Chairman & CEO of Sage Policy Group and Chief Economist of the Modular Building Institute, looks back at the financial trends of 2023 and forward to 2024

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