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The Commonwealth of Virginia Revolutionizes the Building Industry by Being the First State to Adopt ICC/MBI Off-Site Construction Standards

The adoption marks Virginia’s commitment to the expanded use of off-site construction and the promotion of greater regulatory consistency

The Commonwealth of Virginia has approved the adoption of ICC/MBI Standards 1200 and 1205 as a part of their adoption package of the International Code Council’s suite of 2021 International Codes®. The Commonwealth becomes the first state to adopt the ICC/MBI Standards for Off-site Construction and is the first jurisdiction to do so since Salt Lake City adopted the standards in 2021.

The adoption of ICC/MBI Standards 1200 and 1205 was led by the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development and will become effective on January 18, 2024. This underscores the Commonwealth’s commitment and leadership in establishing uniformity in off-site construction regulation.

The Code Council and the Modular Building Institute (MBI) developed ICC/MBI Standard 1200-2021: Standard for Off-Site Construction: Planning, Design, Fabrication, and Assembly and ICC/MBI Standard 1205-2021: Standard for Off-Site Construction: Inspection and Regulatory Compliance in order to provide best practices based on existing off-site construction programs and support consistency and efficiency in how off-site construction is approved and inspected.

The Commonwealth of Virginia will leverage the two standards to promote greater uniformity with existing statewide programs across the country.

“The Commonwealth of Virginia has taken an important step forward and will have our support to ensure success,” said Code Council Chief Executive Officer Dominic Sims, CBO. “This will allow communities in the Commonwealth to reap the safety and cost-savings benefits of off-site construction and emphasizes the Commonwealth’s efforts to address the critical need for safe, sustainable and affordable buildings and communities.”

Off-site construction is a rapidly growing, innovative construction technique, that creates affordable housing with greater speed to market than traditional construction methods. Off-site construction can also support jurisdictions in achieving their goals of sustainability and jobsite safety. The ICC/MBI Standards for Off-site Construction aid communities in advancing off-site construction while adhering to local building codes.

“MBI is very proud of its relationship with the Code Council and the work we’ve done on these two standards,” said Modular Building Institute Marketing Director John McMullen. “Our hope is that every other state will follow Virginia’s example in order to maximize the benefits offsite and modular construction can offer around the country.”

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