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House of Design Robotics: Strategic Investment by Cullinan Holdings, Inc. to Advance Robotics & Automation in the Offsite Construction Sector

House of Design Robotics: Strategic Investment to Automate New Factories and Expand Product Offerings

House of Design Robotics, an industry-leading provider of advanced automated and robotic solutions tailored for building component and offsite construction companies, has taken a significant step as Connie Lefkowitz of Cullinan Holdings, Inc. have acquired majority control and interest in the company through a strategic investment. Under Cullinan Holdings, the company aims to further revolutionize the use of automation and robotics in the offsite construction sector while addressing the global affordable housing crisis.

The strategic investment was motivated by Cullinan Holdings' pursuit of a new cutting-edge automated factory in the Northeast, involving a comprehensive global search before recognizing the unmatched capabilities of the robotic solutions offered in House of Design Robotics' product portfolio. Following extensive negotiations with the leadership team at House of Design Robotics, the acquisition culminated in a synergistic partnership that was in complete alignment with Cullinan Holdings' vision and strategic investment in real estate development, hospitality, and the medical sectors. Cullinan Holdings has an ambitious growth strategy and a strong commitment to employee satisfaction, integrity, and customer relationships—values that resonate deeply with the team at House of Design Robotics.

"This investment marks an important and exciting milestone in the history of House of Design Robotics," said Shane Dittrich, Chief Executive Officer of House of Design Robotics. "We are so excited for the new ownership of House of Design, as it allows us to further expand and innovate with new products in the construction space. The new owners bring an exciting vision to change the way affordable housing is produced in America."

David and Connie of Cullinan Holdings are passionate and committed to furthering the capabilities of House of Design Robotics. Their strategic goals behind the acquisition include advancing automation within the offsite construction sector, with a strong emphasis on addressing labor shortage and safety concerns. The acquisition represents a dedicated pursuit of smart growth, operational optimization, and making House of Design's product offerings more accessible to businesses of all sizes. This strategic investment will facilitate the development of new industry products and the automation of new factories, aligned with Cullinan Holdings' commitment in driving positive change.

"This is more than a business transaction; it is a testament to Cullinan Holdings' dedication to spearheading industry-defining robotic solutions." David Blum, Co-Founder of Cullinan Holdings, added, "integrating House of Design Robotics into our family marks a significant step in advancing automation in offsite construction. This union is not just about reshaping construction; it's about reimagining how we approach fundamental societal issues."

This strategic investment marks a paradigm shift in House of Design Robotics' history, building upon an existing ethos of innovation and human-centric values within its robotic solutions. As these plans unfold, House of Design Robotics under Cullinan Holdings is poised to enter an exciting new chapter, further solidifying its position as a trailblazer in the offsite and modular construction sector.

About House of Design

House of Design Robotics is an industry-leading provider of advanced automated and robotic solutions tailored for building component and offsite construction companies. Its automated solutions are in use across the globe, employed by some of the top industry leaders in the construction sector. House of Design Robotics was honored with the Most Innovative World of Modular award in 2023, showcasing its pioneering role as the sole robotic integrator for the automation of one of America's top automated modular manufacturers.