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Safe & Green Holdings Enters Design/Build Agreement with Talent Services LLC for Design and Production of Eight Units Currently in Concept Stage

Homes designed to meet the Department of Energy’s Net-Zero Energy Ready Requirements. Agreement has the potential for a total of approximately 600 units over the next 7 years.

Safe & Green Holdings Corp., a leading developer, designer, and fabricator of modular structures, announced that the Company has entered into a design/build agreement with Talent Services LLC. The design/build agreement is for the design and production of the first 8 units, ensuring they adhere to the Department of Energy's Net-Zero Energy Ready Requirements.

Paul Galvin, Chairperson and CEO of Safe & Green Holdings, stated, “We are pleased to have been selected by Talent Services LLC to partner with them on this project. I'm particularly eager to integrate our design and modular processes into such a pioneering concept. Engaging in projects of this magnitude allows all participants to strategize and capitalize on the advantages of scale. The project's initial phase involves the development of 6 designs and the production of eight initial units, ranging from one-bedroom, single-story units to three-bedroom two-story units, which are expected to be delivered in North Carolina in the fourth quarter of 2024. This is the initial phase of the project which is anticipated to include the production of an additional 50 units slated for delivery in 2025. The project has the potential for a total of approximately 600 units to be constructed and delivered over the next seven years.”

Tommy Meharey commented, “It is exciting to be advancing in the world of Sustainable Modular Homes and in the implementation of Net Zero Energy. A net-zero energy-ready unit is designed and constructed to a level of performance such that it could, with the addition of solar panels or other renewable energy technologies, achieve net-zero energy performance which aligns closely with Safe and Green's commitment to green, sustainable, modular construction.”

About Safe & Green Holdings Corp.

Safe & Green Holdings Corp., a leading modular solutions company, operates under core capabilities which include the development, design, and fabrication of modular structures, meeting the demand for safe and green solutions across various industries. The firm supports third-party and in-house developers, architects, builders, and owners in achieving faster execution, greener construction, and buildings of higher value. The Company’s subsidiary, Safe and Green Development Corporation, is a leading real estate development company. Formed in 2021, it focuses on the development of sites using purpose-built, prefabricated modules built from both wood and steel, sourced from one of SG Holdings’ factories and operated by the SG Echo subsidiary. For more information, visit and follow them at @SGHcorp on Twitter/X.