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Steve Menke Promoted to Vice President of Fabricon Modular, a BHRS Company

Fabricon Modular, a Florida-based modular construction company, announced that 35-year modular construction industry veteran and General Manager Steve Menke has been promoted to Vice President. Steve will continue to support Fabricon's principal goals of bringing speed, scalability, and savings to modular construction. In his new position, Steve will use his years of experience to lead the company forward.

"I am pleased to announce the appointment of Steve Menke to Vice President, Fabricon Modular," commented Fabricon's Founder and President, Brandon Hurd. "Steve's embodiment of BHRS' mission and vision through his leadership and execution of Fabricon's commercial activities is exemplary. Navigating the last few years has been challenging at both micro and macro levels. Steve has been steadfast with his direction, while remaining committed to our customers and project results. As the subject matter expert and advocate of modular project delivery, Steve's decades of global experience with customers and internal team brings incredible value. Having known him for more than a decade, I look forward to working alongside him on Fabricon's continued growth."

Steve spent 19 years as a sales and project manager with WillScot, a provider of mobile space office solutions. A top revenue producer, leading projects up to 12.55M, Steve has shown the right combination of personal and professional skills that make him the right fit to lead Fabricon Modular.

Since joining Fabricon Modular in 2020, Mr. Menke has served as Director of Modular Building Sales and General Manager. He is a licensed commercial contractor and real estate agent, working on permanent, multi-story, and temporary buildings.

Steve states, "As an industry veteran, I have participated in the growth of commercial modular construction for 35 years. I am honored to lead Fabricon Modular as Vice President. Moving into an exciting future, we will continue providing excellent service and products to our clients, team members, and the industry. Our team's efforts over the last three years have strengthened my belief in Fabricon's modular delivery method as the top solution for education, private business and industry clients. Our application of skill and knowledge, coupled with clear and concise communication, builds confidence and trust. We are more than 'just a building supplier.'"

About Fabricon Modular

Fabricon Modular are innovators of the modern modular movement. No messy construction sites or lengthy builds. No sourcing and managing multiple vendors. Choose from a range of building types, exterior components, interior finishes, financing options, and professional services tailored to your project needs. Fabricon sells, installs, and services prefabricated and modular spaces and industrial safety products in Florida, Georgia, and the Southeastern United States, with select export services abroad. They provide modular construction management and delivery services for clients in a wide range of industries, including business, construction, disaster recovery, education, restaurants, government, healthcare, industrial, retail, safety and security, and transportation and logistics.