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ATHOM—formerly Jenik Modulaire—Renews Its Brand Image and Positions Itself for the Manufacturing of Small Modular Buildings

Trois-Rivières, Quebec — Jenik Modular changes its brand image and becomes ATHOM, focusing increasingly on the manufacturing of mini-homes and mini-cabins. The company, which up until now has been working in the design and manufacturing of all kinds of custom modular buildings, is now focusing on the mini-building niche to pursue its expansion.

Recognized in the industry for constructing and installing office trailers, sanitary units, and modular buildings, ATHOM is committed to becoming the industry benchmark in designing and manufacturing mini-buildings. This market has been relatively unnoticed in Quebec until now, but ATHOM’s order logbook is already quite full. “In Ontario, the demand is enormous. Near Toronto and in the city, there is a lot of demand, especially because of the difficulty of access to property ownership and the lack of available housing. People are setting up garden suites and laneway suites in their backyards, which helps absorb the price of ownership more easily” explains Sylvain Hubert, co-owner of ATHOM. An estimated 100,000 mini-homes will be installed in the Toronto area within ten years.

A Redesigned Brand Image

The company’s brand image has been completely revamped to reflect the evolution towards a diversified offering with, among others, the addition of mini-buildings. The idea of the ATHOM name identity represents the three production sectors of the company: office trailers, sanitary blocks and mini-buildings, which are all united under the same name. It also refers to the expression: “at home.” “We went from a more industrial image to something more classic and refined, which better combines all the various company spheres of activity,” explains Mr. Hubert. “The name selection was also designed to appeal to both our French and English-speaking customers,” he adds. ATHOM also refers to elements that can be combined, reflecting the concept of modular buildings. Custom-made modules that fit together for larger custom projects. This new brand image is reflected in a brand-new website that clearly distinguishes the company’s three main production areas and its new structure.

Remarkable Growth

ATHOM has the wind in its sails with the arrival of this new mini-building design and manufacturing division. “We have recently designed small ‘stopover’ type cabins for cross-country skiing sites, for example. For an investor, it is advantageous to build smaller while offering owners or renters the same advantages as a very large building. The demand is constantly growing, especially for shipments to Ontario,” says Mario Bélisle, co-owner of ATHOM.

The craze for developing mini-homes and mini-cabins is likely to proliferate in Quebec with the ever-increasing cost of living. Already, there is a great demand in the recreational and forestry sectors. Some municipalities even have dedicated sites for mini-homes within their territories. “The openness of municipalities for this type of project is in its infancy, and we are convinced that it will grow. Increasingly, people want affordable housing, smaller, located in nature, near lakes, etc. Soon we will see many developments offering the possibility of building mini-homes, and ATHOM will be the industry leader for these projects in Quebec and elsewhere,” adds Mr. Bélisle.


ATHOM manufactures modular units of all sizes and offers a complete line of mini-homes and mini-cabins. The units are perfectly adapted to a clientele looking for a simple, ecological, energy-efficient property connected with nature and at a low cost. ATHOM’s diversified and experienced team makes clients’ projects a reality, whether simple or complex, small or large. The three main areas of operation are worksite offices, sanitary blocks and mini-buildings. The manufacturing plant facility has been specially designed to optimize the various manufacturing possibilities. ATHOM can therefore design and manufacture several models of modular units simultaneously and with excellent efficiency.