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Ramtech Building Systems Celebrates its 40th Year in the Modular Building Industry

MANSFIELD, Texas -- Mansfield Texas-based Ramtech Building Systems, a leader in the use of design-build modular construction for relocatable and permanent structures, has announced that the company is celebrating its 40th anniversary in the modular building industry. Now entering their fifth decade of serving education, healthcare, commercial, and government clients around the country, Ramtech credits its success and longevity to the strengths, talents, and loyalty of its employees, many of whom have been with Ramtech for a significant part of its history.

On noting the anniversary milestone, Ramtech President Matt Slataper stated, "Forty years is quite a landmark achievement in the modular building industry. It's truly a testimony to the loyalty and character of our incredible employees and the relationships that have been built with our industry partners and customers, all of which has played a part in building an extended Ramtech family. Many of our employees have dedicated a majority of their professional lives to play a part in our mission, and I'm humbled and honored to work alongside them."

As the company embarks on the next stage of its growth, Ramtech's vision for what can be accomplished through the use of relocatable and permanent modular construction will focus on strengthening its relationships with the A/E community, end-users, and all of the other project stakeholders that can utilize modular construction's benefits. With the trends and acceptance that continues to build for all types of commercial modular construction, Ramtech believes the future is as bright as it's ever been for the modular building industry and places the company in a prime position to recognize significant growth as it moves forward throughout 2022 and beyond.

About Ramtech Building Systems

Since 1982 Ramtech Building Systems has been providing innovative relocatable modular buildings and two types of permanent modular construction for commercial companies, educational institutions, government agencies, and healthcare providers throughout the Southern United States. As a vertically integrated design-build construction company, Ramtech provides full in-house design, a manufacturer direct product, and complete site construction services all within a single-source solution. Ramtech can offer facilities built using permanent modular construction on both a pier and beam or concrete slab foundation. Both options combine the best of off-site manufacturing and on-site construction techniques to produce a building faster and with less cost, but identical in the look, functionality, and life expectancy of a completely site-built structure. By emphasizing a value engineering approach, Ramtech has successfully completed over 4,500 diverse projects of all sizes. For more information, visit the company's website at