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Modular Building Institute-Sponsored 2021 Offsite Construction Expo is Back in Denver AND Online – Registration Now Open

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, USA – Registration is now open for the 2021 Offsite Construction Expo. Proudly sponsored by the Modular Building Institute (MBI), this three-day hybrid (in-person + digital) expo will start on September 24 in Denver, Colorado, then continue with online speakers and exhibits from September 27-September 28. This event will mark the seventh year that MBI has sponsored the Offsite Construction Expo (OSCE).

“We’re very excited to both be back in Denver and have the opportunity to reach industry professionals around the world with our digital speakers and exhibitors,” said Dave Sikora, OSCE’s business development director. “Our in-person Expos have always been well-received, and now with our experience with digital events, the 2021 Expo should be outstanding.”

Speakers at the 2021 Offsite Construction Expo will include:

  • Charlie Chupp, founder and CEO, Fading West Building Systems. His presentation will outline how to use industrialized manufacturing principles to increase building quality and factory worker satisfaction, while reducing construction costs and shortening project schedules.
  • Scott Bridger, Principal, ProSet Construction, Inc. What goes into the successful erection of a modular hotel or apartment building? Scott will walk attendees through the process, from the first site visit to the last box set.
  • Troy Tiddens, Modular Specialist, neUdesign Architecture. Troy will help attendees understand the "WHY" that will help designers embrace the modular mindset to help improve their success and engagement within the industry.
  • Michael Merle, Vice President Business Development, Guerdon LLC. In this session, attendees will experience the efficiencies of modular construction through the success of Guerdon’s innovative affordable housing projects.
  • Michael Heitsman, President of Development, and Chris Erickson, Director of Marketing, Best GEN Modular. In this session, Michael and Chris will demonstrate how an assisted living project utilized modular construction to save time and money, as well as how establishing the right construction team early on is essential, how solid principles and attention to detail are critical, and how having open minds and thinking outside “the norm” all lead to success.
  • Jon Moon, Business Development Executive, Nashua Builders. Jon will provide a case study overview of a multifamily project in the Vail Valley area of Colorado. This presentation will demonstrate the transformation of the plans and the players with their corresponding scopes of work from Phase 1 to Phase 2 of the project.

Past Expo exhibitors have included offsite construction contractors, traditional contractors that have integrated offsite methods, offsite factories, transportation companies, BIM suppliers, materials suppliers, and consultants of all types of offsite construction processes. A number of MBI members exhibit at the Expos on a regular basis.

Exhibitors at the 2021 Expo will include the following companies:

  • Best GEN Modular
  • BMarko Structures
  • Fading West Building Systems
  • Guerdon, LLC
  • hsbcad North America
  • Innovative Structural Engineering
  • InPro Corporation
  • International Code Council
  • Nashua Builders
  • neUdesign Architecture
  • NRB Modular Solutions
  • ProSet Construction
  • REDICOR by Vulcraft
  • Rise Modular
  • Soukup America
  • R. Arnold & Associates, Inc.
  • USG Structural Solutions
  • WESCO Distribution Inc.
  • VESTA Modular

If you are interested in learning about the offsite construction industry in the United States, the Offsite Construction Expo is the place to be. This complete event (in-person + digital) is only US $299 for all qualified attendees. Digital-only qualified attendee rates also available.

For more information about sponsoring, attending, or exhibiting at Offsite Construction Expo, please visit