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KOPE Secures £5.5m Seed Investment

Offsite construction software company KOPE raises £5.5m in seed funding to accelerate the shift away from traditional construction.

KOPE, the only-purpose built software platform for offsite construction, is pleased to announce a £5.5m Seed round led by Socii Capital with participation from Autodesk, Saint-Gobain, Barton Malow Ventures, Halkin Private Capital and Luck Investment.

The construction sector is at a pivotal moment, facing challenges with material shortages, rising prices, an ageing workforce and an increasing carbon footprint.

While productizing the construction supply chain and manufacturing more building components away from site can alleviate some of the problems, a tailored software platform is needed to support the required changes across design, construction and procurement.

KOPE offers unrivalled integration with the offsite construction supply chain, allowing you to quickly evaluate and apply prefabricated products into new or existing projects, improving efficiency, reducing costs and waste, and helping deliver sustainability goals.

Companies can use KOPE to leverage offsite construction by bringing Products into Projects™. With the ability to instantly see the impacts of differing solutions, the construction industry can finally embrace offsite construction through the whole design process.

Mark Thorley, Co-founder and CEO of KOPE, said “We have been fortunate to work with global industry leaders who share our vision for innovative construction methods and a productized supply chain. This latest fundraising gives us further confidence that KOPE will support those in our industry looking to adopt prefabrication and offsite manufacturing. With these key industry partners and their broad experience, we are excited about this next phase of our journey.”

Yuan Chen, CEO and Partner of Socii Capital stated “We are delighted to partner with Mark, David, Radu and the whole team at KOPE. It is rare that you find a company so well positioned in terms of skills, domain knowledge and network. KOPE has all the right components to take advantage of a structural change in one of the largest and most important global industries, and to bring innovative and data centric solutions to its customers.”

Ryan McMahon, General Manager of Manufacturing Informed Design at Autodesk said “Autodesk believes that KOPE’s strategy to integrate products into projects is transformational and reinforces that industrialized construction methods are the future for AEC. We are excited to be a part of KOPE’s journey and to supercharge aspects of the Autodesk ecosystem.”

On Saint-Gobain’s participation in the round, UK & Ireland CEO Mike Chaldecott, commented “We’re delighted to be working with and investing in KOPE. At Saint-Gobain our vision is to be the worldwide leader in light and sustainable construction. KOPE’s platform helps bring products together into solutions so that architects and designers can quickly assess, compare characteristics and specify with confidence, solutions that will deliver the performance and results they need for their specific project. This capability will help accelerate the transformation of construction and the quicker adoption of light, sustainable and modern methods of construction and ultimately help create better buildings for people and the planet. As well as investing in KOPE we will also be working closely with the business to integrate our wide range of products, systems, and our performance data into the platform so we can provide a quick and comprehensive digital specification experience for building designers when specifying Saint-Gobain via KOPE.”

About KOPE

Backed by the industry’s largest offsite market, KOPE allows companies to digitally integrate prefabricated products and systems into their projects instantly, saving considerable time and effort when designing and pricing buildings.