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Safe & Green Holdings Corp. Announces That David Cross, VP of Sales and Business Development, Has Been Selected to Serve on the Modular Building Institute’s Government Affairs Committee

Safe & Green Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ: SGBX) (“Safe & Green Holdings” or the “Company”), a leading developer, designer, and fabricator of modular structures for residential, commercial, and point-of-care medicine, today announced that David Cross, Co-Founder and Vice President of Sales and Business Development for Safe and Green Holdings, has been selected to serve on the Modular Building Institute’s Government Affairs Committee.

David Cross, a graduate of the Maine Maritime Academy, began his career as a Deck Officer, predominantly working with Maersk Line Limited. His journey post-sea led him to managerial roles in intermodal/equipment container control, spanning the United States and China, with the Maersk and Costco Lines. Among his accomplishments, Mr. Cross leveraged his expertise in container technology to pioneer the PACE (Portable Applications and Containerized Engineering) concept. This innovative approach utilized shipping containers as foundational elements for construction projects. His contributions were notably featured on the Bob Vila Home Improvement Show. Furthering his vision, Mr. Cross, together with fellow founders of the Company, developed a unique design and fabrication methodology centered around transforming standard cargo shipping containers into code-compliant, engineered structures. These modular structures are widely recognized for their safety, strength, and environmental sustainability, marking a significant advancement in the field of construction and engineering. Furthermore, Mr. Cross has testified before the 111th Congress on containerized applications for use in emergency response initiatives at the request of FEMA.

Mr. Cross commented, “I am deeply honored to have been selected by the Modular Building Institute to serve on their Government Affairs Committee. This appointment not only acknowledges our efforts at Safe & Green, but also represents a significant opportunity to contribute to the broader landscape of modular construction. I look forward to collaborating with industry leaders and policymakers to drive innovation, sustainability, and regulatory advancements that will shape the future of modular construction.”

Paul Galvin, Chairperson and CEO of Safe & Green Holdings stated, “I would like to extend my congratulations to David, who has played a guiding role at the request of International Code Council (ICC) members to help promote the use of containers as a base building component in modular construction. This has resulted in an understandable codifiable process in the form of the first ESR certification (ESR 3764) for shipping containers transitioning from instruments of trade into instruments of construction. This ESR was a key step in mainstreaming the whole concept of code-compliant modular container structures and provided governmental and building authorities, as well as the design and construction industry, with an industry-approved methodology for the use of intermodal shipping units as modular building components.

“Furthermore, David plays a pivotal role at the Company, spearheading Safe & Green's expansion in the container markets industry. His leadership extends beyond container technology, as he is also instrumental in guiding the Company's expansion into the wood and steel modular markets. This expansion strategy encompasses the operations of Safe & Green's subsidiaries, particularly its manufacturing subsidiary, SG Echo, based in Durant, Oklahoma. David’s vision and expertise are central to the Company's diversification and growth in these innovative and sustainable construction markets.”

About Safe & Green Holdings Corp.

Safe & Green Holdings Corp., a leading modular solutions company, operates under core capabilities which include the development, design, and fabrication of modular structures, meeting the demand for safe and green solutions across various industries. The firm supports third-party and in-house developers, architects, builders, and owners in achieving faster execution, greener construction, and buildings of higher value. The Company’s subsidiary, Safe and Green Development Corporation, is a leading real estate development company. Formed in 2021, it focuses on the development of sites using purpose-built, prefabricated modules built from both wood and steel, sourced from one of SG Holdings’ factories and operated by the SG Echo subsidiary. For more information, visit and follow us at @SGHcorp on X/Twitter.