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BMarko Structures Launches Vertically Integrated Apartment Development Division, Villavo, to Attack US Housing Crisis

Today, BMarko Structures announced Villavo, a brand-new division bringing large-scale manufacturing, design, construction, and development under the same umbrella to deliver high-quality apartments at massively quicker timeframes all over the US. Manufacturing will be delivered through volumetric construction, which allows for the highest degree of offsite prefabrication out of any other method.

The US housing shortage has peaked at over five million homes. Villavo will benefit from volumetric construction’s industry-leading build speed, as they set aim on tackling the US’s worst recorded housing crisis in history.

“Vertical integration will allow us to control the design, which is a key ingredient to reaching manufacturing scalability. By manufacturing near identical apartments at mass scale, as well as selecting the ideal sites for our developments, we are able to deliver apartments on time, at 15% less cost, and 2.5 times faster than traditional construction,” says CEO Antony Kountouris.

For more information on Villavo, visit, and be sure to follow on LinkedIn for future announcements.

About BMarko Structures

BMarko Structures is an industry-leading shipping container modification company located in Atlanta, Georgia. Since being established 8 years ago in 2014, the company has completed over 200 projects and has delivered high-quality shipping container buildings to some of the biggest brand names in the world. Through its mission of bringing manufacturing into construction, the company boasts an on-time completion rate of 99%.

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