Industry Seals

The modular industry's first and only labeling program dedicated to promoting high standards of honesty, integrity, professional service, and conduct.

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What is the Seals Program?

Members of the association subscribe to our code of business ethics and conduct. The MBI Seal is a visible sign of that commitment. Ask for the MBI seal on your next project.

What does the Program mean to me?

Peace of mind. As a facilities planner or end-user, purchasing or leasing a building with a MBI Seal means that it came to you through a dealer and/or manufacturer that is a member of the Modular Building Institute who subscribes to our industry's Code of Business Ethics & Conduct. And because the MBI is an association committed to the advancement of the industry with continuing research and the education of its member companies, you can therefore be sure that you are working with a company that has support and access to all of the latest trends, issues, and technology available in modular construction today.

The MBI is not a regulatory body. It does not monitor the process of modular construction. The MBI is in place to help the members move the industry forward in a positive direction through public relations and marketing, research, and education. It gives members a non-competitive forum through which to learn and share ideas, stay current with legislative, regulatory, technological, and other important issues that can affect their business and product development.

How can I participate?

As an end user, ask for the MBI Seal when requesting a quote for a facility. All dealers should require one seal on each unit acquired. All MBI member manufacturers should already be placing seals on all of the modular units they produce. As an educational, office, retail, healthcare or other construction facility professional, there is no better time than now to begin requesting the MBI Seal on all factory-built buildings you purchase. As a symbol of commitment from MBI members, the seal proudly displays the Modular Building Institute logo, as well as MBI’s toll-free telephone number and website address. Direct access to the Modular Building Institute–a clearinghouse for customer praise, questions, and even complaints–gives you assurance that your choice to build using innovative modular construction was one well made.