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FullStack Modular Partners with Major Hotel Management and Development Company to Build First U.S. Treehouse Hotel

Leading modular innovator, FullStack Modular has been tapped by a major hotel management and development company to construct the U.S.'s first Treehouse Hotel in Sunnyvale, CA, in the heart of the high-tech Silicon Valley.

"We're excited to collaborate with Synergy Modular to build the fully modular Treehouse Hotel Sunnyvale," said Roger Krulak, founder of FullStack Modular. "Production will begin in February 2023 at our West Coast Factory in Portland, Oregon."

FullStack Modular is manufacturing the six-story hotel using offsite manufacturing methods that dramatically reduce environmental impact and waste. Made in the USA, the 143-room hotel will span over 86,000 gross SF. The company's approach to building fully integrated projects faster, with less neighborhood disruption, coupled with the higher quality, lower cost, and smaller carbon footprint, made FullStack Modular the ideal partner for the environmentally-conscious Treehouse lifestyle brand.

"The FullStack Modular system is one of the most complete volumetric modular systems anywhere," said Andy Nuessle, president of Synergy Modular. "From the facade, hallways, and elevator shafts to the stairwells and hotel room finishes, the hotel is 100% modular from the foundation to the rooftop."

Technology-driven and sustainable, FullStack Modular is changing the construction cycle by providing up to 20% cost savings and is up to 50% faster than a conventional building of the same type, with greater time and cost certainty as well as 67% less waste.

About FullStack Modular

Headquartered in New York City with factories in Brooklyn and Portland, FullStack Modular is the leading modular innovator in the design, manufacture, and construction of mid- and high-rise multifamily buildings, hotels, and student housing in urban environments. Tech-driven, fully integrated, sustainable, and radically efficient, FullStack Modular is revitalizing the urban housing landscape - taking modular to new heights.