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World of Modular Scholarships | Apply Now

The MBI Educational Foundation trustees have unanimously agreed to award scholarships, specifically the World of Modular Scholarships, to students that desire to attend the MBI annual convention and tradeshow called World of Modular (WOM). Kelly Williams, chair of the Foundation in 2022, summarized the decision by saying, “Students have expressed an interest in attending the event for years, but have been prohibited by the cost of hotel, travel, and registration fees. WOM offers the best opportunity for education, professional development, and training to anyone interested in commercial modular construction—from seasoned industry veterans to students that know very little about this innovative construction management scholarship.”

The Foundation currently pays for four students, through the World of Modular Scholarships, to attend WOM, including hotel and registration fees. Students are responsible for their own travel expenses, since many cost-conscious options are already available. Each student receives up to $1500 in support, based on hotel and registration fees at the time of the event. WOM is typically held in March or April in convention cities like Las Vegas, Orlando, San Diego, and San Antonio.


Interested in Being a Part of the World of Modular Scholarships Program?

Student Application & Commitment

A student applying for this scholarship must demonstrate a sincere interest in commercial modular construction by providing a written statement about:

  • the student’s familiarity—if any—with modular construction;
  • why the student desires to attend World of Modular; and
  • how the experience will contribute to the student’s studies, current major, and intended career.

Students that are awarded scholarships will be required to:

  • attend a verified minimum number of educational sessions at WOM;
  • participate in a networking event at WOM with other students and industry participants; and
  • provide a written summary of their experience at the conclusion of the event for publication in MBI resources like

Students in their junior and senior years may be given priority in the application approval process, as may students pursuing careers related to commercial modular construction management scholarship.

How You Can Help Support Students

Additional student scholarships for the World of Modular Scholarships program may be funded by MBI members and others interested in commercial modular construction. A donation of $2500 funds one student. This amount is higher than each scholarship because it also helps sustain the program, includes advertising value for the sponsor, and covers program marketing and administrative costs.

Sponsorship includes:

  • one student scholarship,
  • access to a networking event at WOM for students and select industry participants,
  • logo on the MBI website,
  • logo in the World of Modular onsite brochure,
  • and a receipt acknowledging the donation for tax purposes.

Scholarship Endowments for the World of Modular Scholarships

This program may be endowed as part of of your corporate, personal, or planned giving. A donation of $50,000 funds one student per year in perpetuity for the construction management scholarship. Endowment of a WOM scholarship is one of the most impactful gifts a donors can make, providing a lasting source of support for students and the entire modular building industry. When gifts are made towards endowments, the funds are invested for long-term growth. Earnings generated by the investments are distributed each year in the form of scholarships.

Endowment includes:

  • one student scholarship annually,
  • naming of the scholarship in honor of a company or individual,
  • access to networking events for students and select industry participants at each year's WOM,
  • logo or similar acknowledgement on the MBI website,
  • logo or similar acknowledgement in the World of Modular onsite brochure,
  • and a receipt acknowledging the donation for tax purposes.