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Wilmington Christian Academy Education Building

Company: Satellite Shelters, Inc.
Location: Wilmington, OH, USA
Gross Size of Project:
12,000 Square Feet
Days to Complete:

Award Criteria

Architectural Excellence

As Wilmington Christian Academy started its school year, it faced a dual challenge of accommodating an increase in student enrollment and keeping a low student-to-teacher ratio. To overcome these challenges and to expand its school infrastructure, Wilmington Christian Academy sought the expertise of Satellite Shelters as a modular classroom space solution provider. The collaboration between Satellite Shelters and WCA’s construction partners allowed for the transition from design/concept stage to a finished building in a matter of months. The result was a 12,000-square-foot modular building consisting of 13 modules. It features a kitchen with cabinets, fresh paint, home economics classroom, cafeteria, hallways with 130+ lockers, boys’ and girls’ restrooms, and a chapel. An ADA ramp forms a seamless connection point between the modular and the existing building. The transparent and cost-effective partnership with Satellite Shelters ensured that WCA’s vision becomes a reality.

Technical Innovation & Sustainability

Satellite Shelters offers a modular classroom space solution that would effectively address WCA’s space limitation. The solution aimed to not only provide an excellent learning accommodation but also maintain the institution’s commitment to a Christian-based curriculum. The new modular classroom was envisioned to incorporate various amenities such as meal options, staff break areas, conference areas, meeting rooms, and a chapel. The open classroom concept allows for a variety of future elective courses creating a conducive and holistic learning environment. The completion of the modular school provided a transformative impact on WCA. It not only addressed the immediate challenge of increased student enrollment but also laid a foundation for future growth. WCA now has access to ample space to accommodate its students and staff comfortably while providing an excellent learning space for both current and new students.

Cost Effectiveness

By reusing the modular building, not only did WCA save on new manufacturing costs and lower CO2 emissions, but it also allowed the completion of the new modular building project to progress swiftly, with completion expected in a matter of months. Additionally, the school project added high-efficiency LED lighting and a new high-efficiency HVAC system. The addition of new on-campus amenities allows the students to stay on campus rather than be transported to get lunches and other activities.

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