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ROXBOX Containers Website

ROXBOX Containers Website

Main Category: Marketing Piece Entry
Entrant: ROXBOX Containers, Inc.

Award Criteria

Specific Medium Used


Creative Process

Our team’s creative process for the website is always evolving, as the website is a fluid document that is always
growing and changing alongside ROXBOX. We are proud of the unique, innovative, and strong brand image we have
created, and we therefore are always trying to showcase that to the best of our ability in every aspect of the website,
from the rendering to reality photo sliders found on many project pages to the font/color scheme of the overall
site. This website is a true testament to teamwork and trusting each member of the team’s unique creative skillsets
and instincts. When a team is all on the same board in terms of brand image and is passionate about the company’s
product/vision, it is easy to come together to produce a website that we are all proud of.

Target Audience

Our website has a very wide target audience, as the ultimate goal of it is to help grow the ROXBOX brand, highlight
the amazing projects we have designed/built in the past and will design/build in the future, showcase our robust
line of ROXBOX models, educate interested parties on ROXBOX and the modular industry, and get people excited
to collaborate with ROXBOX on their next modular project. Therefore, our target audience could be anyone from
an interested customer who is ready to start their project as soon as possible to a college architecture student
interested in learning more about the modular industry. Whether someone visits the ROXBOX website to contact our
team about their modular concept/vision or they are simply visiting the site because they think what we do is cool/
innovative/unique and they want to check out our projects, we are just happy to have as many people as possible
visit the site and help push the modular industry forward.

Message to be Communicated

The message of the ROXBOX website is ultimately that we are ROXBOX, one of the nation’s leading modular
manufacturers and design studios. There are so many talented firms and individuals in the modular space, and we
want our website to showcase that we are up there with the best of them. Our website’s goal is to communicate to
potential customers that we are a talented, experienced, driven team who is capable of tackling modular projects of
all shapes and sizes. The other key message we want our website to communicate to potential customers through
education and case studies is all of the benefits of choosing modular for their project.


We distribute/get the word out about our website through a variety of applications, including (but not limited
to): SEO/organic search, social media, blogs, digital advertising, PR campaigns/articles, email campaigns, word of
mouth/referrals, podcasts, videos, and tradeshows/events. As we continue to grow, our website viewership has been
exponentially increasing month over month due to all of the above methods and we are always looking for new and
creative ways to distribute the website to new audiences.

Entry Objective

This entry objective is simply to showcase all of the hard work and time that has gone into creating our website and
continues to be put into our website on a daily basis. A lot of talented, dedicated, creative, and smart people have
had their hand on getting the website to where it is today, and it truly excites me to submit this entry in hopes of
giving them the attention they deserve. Our website is a source of pride for ROXBOX, as it allows us to: showcase
all of the amazing projects we have designed + built for amazing clients, teach interested customers/parties about
ROXBOX and the modular industry (an industry that our whole team is extremely passionate about), and bring new
amazing customers into the ROXBOX family. We love sharing the website with anyone who is interested, and we
could not be more excited to now share it with the MBI family.

Effect on Awareness, Sales, Visits, or Inquiries

Our website is invaluable in terms of ROXBOX awareness, sales, visits, and inquiries. Not only is out website a landing
page for people who are interested in the brand, but it is a 1) Product Catalog showcasing all of our ROXBOX models,
rental units, and custom concepts to potential customers 2) Repository/Gallery of all of our past, current, and future
projects, allowing potential customers to learn about all of the amazing builds we have designed/built in the past
and will design/build in the future 3) Education Hub where potential customers/interested parties can learn all about
who we are and what we do here at ROXBOX and take a deep dive into the modular industry. Check out ROXBOX 101
under the How it Works tab, which has been the center piece of our push to add more modular education on the site.
A key component in our sales cycle is properly educating customers on the intricacies of the modular industry, so
having these educational resources on the website has been a game changer for our team. 4) Sales/Marketing Tool
that showcases the innovative approach to construction ROXBOX takes, teaches potential customers everything they
need to know about the modular industry, introduces the audience to who we are and what we do here at ROXBOX,
and ultimately gets potential customers excited to reach out and begin the conversation with our team! 90% of our
inquiries come from our website contact form, which ultimately drives our sales success and company growth.

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