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Q'anapsu Dispensary

Company: ROXBOX Containers
Affiliates: Cowlitz Indian Tribe, GLGR, MFA , JVA, Inc.,
E&M Constructors
Ridgefield, WA, US
Gross Size of Project:
5,120 Square Feet
Days to Complete:

Award Criteria

Architectural Excellence

The 25-container dispensary features a check-in entrance/patio, large retail space, ATM room, photo/selfie room, product storage space, employee lounge, offices, and a secure driveway for product delivery. Ten 40’ containers make up the first level and fifteen 20’ & 40’ containers make up the second level. Two impressive cantilevers cap off the massive modular structure. The structure is painted Q’anápsu’s iconic green and is decorated with various types of branding. The detail that went into the build and significance of the project can best be described by the tribe themselves: “Welcome to Q’anápsu, a unique dispensary experience brought to you by the Cowlitz people. Q’anápsu in our language means grass. Just like the hearty grasses throughout the prairies as you look east from where you stand, Q’anápsu has a thousand stories to tell. From artwork representing our beautiful landscape, to the shapes of traditional cedar hats, you’ll see our stories are woven throughout our store."

Technical Innovation & Sustainability

Award-winning structural engineering & design with the two cantilevers (one of which juts out 21 feet over the entrance patio) in a high seismic zone. The project was recently recognized with a 2024 Honor Award at the Engineering Excellence Awards hosted by ACEC Colorado. Utilizing shipping containers created a very secure building, which was a mandatory requirement for the client given the nature of the retail space and product. Utilizing upcycled shipping containers showcased the Cowlitz Tribe’s commitment to sustainable development. Interior vaulted 2-story space highlights the upcycled containers and offers an impressive retail space. One of the first modular cannabis retail spaces - pioneering innovative modular construction in a nascent industry.

Cost Effectiveness

ROXBOX was able to shrink the timeline for this project by over 40%, saving the Cowlitz Tribe hundreds of thousands of dollars. The speed of the project also helped the Cowlitz Tribe open by 4/20, ensuring they capitalized on the highest-grossing day of the year in the cannabis industry.

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