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NYC Parks & Rec- Luis Lopez Comfort Station

Company: Axis Construction Corp
Affiliates: MODLOGIQ
Location: Staten Island, NY, USA
Gross Size of Project:
680 Square Feet
Days to Complete:

Award Criteria

Architectural Excellence

Piloted in the Staten Island borough of NYC, the Luis Lopez Playground Comfort Station is the first modular prototype designed by NYC for parks. As it is placed adjacent to the existing playground, the use of modular construction is being developed to minimize site disruption but still adhere to stringent NYC building codes. With direct access to the park, it takes advantage of the efficiencies associated with modular construction, providing a durable comfort station that can withstand abuse, vandalism. It includes two restrooms along with a maintenance space and is designed for year-round use. The steel-frame structure is clad with a pattern of glazed blocks in a variety of colors while a green roof enhances environmental performance. The modular prototype provides a pathway to efficiently update NYC’s public spaces by providing them with thoughtfully designed and cost-effective comfort station. It has been recognized and awarded a Design Award from the NYC Public Design Commission.

Technical Innovation & Sustainability

When the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation set out to save time and cost on its construction projects, it decided to utilize modular construction and the Luis Lopez comfort station emerged from this approach. The prototype utilizes the efficiencies of off-site construction and the lower costs associated with modular production techniques to economically provide amenities in the City’s public spaces. To meet the prototype requirements without reducing the efficiency and cost savings associated with modular construction, the building was constructed in three modular sections utilizing a build together process allowing 95% of the finishes to be completed off-site. It includes a “one of a kind” rainscreen glazed tile façade, custom fabricated stainless steel entry doors and exterior trim components. The entire building was designed and constructed to visually connect all the exterior and interior finish elements with each other to tie all the spaces together.

Cost Effectiveness

Utilizing the efficiencies of modular construction and the lower costs associated the production techniques it provides an adaptable, affordable, and well-designed comfort station to serve the local community. With 95% of the building constructed and finished off-site, the overall cost of project labor was reduced by approximately 40% compared against conventional construction methods. The selection of energy conserving features, such as a green “live” roof and skylights enhances the project’s environmental performance while maximizing natural light within the restroom spaces. Each restroom is equipped with energy efficient LED lighting, occupancy sensors and water saving fixtures to provide the city with lower operational costs over time. This process has reduced construction time of NYC Parks & Recreation comfort stations by one full year ahead of conventional construction.

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