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MBI Working Diligently to Defeat NY Bill for Third Year in a Row that would Cripple the Modular Industry

Senate Bill 4738 has been filed by Senator Ramos which would require “constant supervision” of a licensed city official, regardless of where the structure is being manufactured.

Even though the bill only references 6+ story buildings, we expect the bill language to change if/when it is moved to the Assembly. The MBI team along with our NY retained lobbyist, Claudia Granados, is already working with leadership in both houses as well as with state and NYC leadership to kill this bill for a third year.

MBI/ICC are working with the NY Department of State to consider adoption of ANSI 1205, which would allow for the use of third party inspection agencies. We’ve had two calls and plan to have another in the next few weeks. They are open to this change and have asked for MBI/ICC to work with them as they are in the adoption phase of new administrative rules and new IBC codes.

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