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Hotel Marina Recife

Company: CMC Modulos Construtivos Ltda.
Location: Recife, State of Pernambuco, Brazil
Gross Size of Project:
16,150 Square Feet
Days to Complete:

Award Criteria

Architectural Excellence

Conceived by Arch. Jeronimo da Cunha Lima this groundbreaking project on the pier’s edge, aims to breathe new life into Recife’s port area and evolve it into a multipurpose complex for tourism, culture, leisure, and business. Featuring 320 rooms, 199,000 sqft area, a marina for 170 boats, and a 86,000 sqft convention center. Its unique design spans five floors, and a rooftop with a remarkable length of 490,000 feet—equivalent to a 48-story structure if erected vertically. The areas are intricately connected through a central square with gastronomic and cultural spaces that serve as a bridge between the city and its rich history. In a testament to innovation, architects opted for bathroom PODs to ensure impeccable quality in finishes with minimal rework and waste. The turn-key units were meticulously designed in collaboration in the early stages, to ensure a seamless blend of design expertise, manufacturing precision, and construction efficiency.

Technical Innovation & Sustainability

Hotel Marina Recife seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technologies from Spain, Germany, and Brazil, revolutionizing hotel development with turn-key bathroom pods. Factory-made, the pods, measuring 6ft x 8.8ft and weighing 1.4Ton each, arrive fully fitted, streamlining on-site installation by connecting them to mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, the bathroom pods are engineered for efficiency, tailored to each project’s unique specifications. Bathroom pods demonstrate a distinctive design and flawless finish in various standards. Each unit undergoes factory testing for waterproofing, guaranteeing durability. Logistically resilient, the modules endure a 2000km journey, offering structural lightness and seamless integration with on-site work. Hotel Marina Recife’s is an example of efficiency, quality, and sustainability in hotel development through strategically merging global technologies and innovative building methodologies.

Cost Effectiveness

Hotel Marina Recife’s strategic adoption of manufactured bathroom pods led to a 20% reduction in construction time, improved quality, and substantial cost savings. Opting for PODs enabled simultaneous production of time critical and cost sensitive area of the project in a controlled environment, ensuring impeccable quality and cost predictability. A just-in-time delivery schedule, aided by early collaboration, minimized storage needs and optimized resource utilization. Coordinating materials on-site cut deliveries by 50%, reducing site traffic and material waste to <2%, compared to 7% waste on traditional sites. Engaging an experienced team with customized design achieved project saving, highlighting how innovation and efficiency redefine the possibilities of modular construction to meet growing demands for speed, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability.

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