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Gateway Village

Company: Lone Mountain Land Company
Affiliates: 359 Design LLC, DCI Engineers, NRB Modular Solutions
Location: Gallatin Gateway, MT, USA
Gross Size of Project:
93,972 Square Feet
Days to Complete:

Award Criteria

Architectural Excellence

Using NRB ‘s largest footprint, we designed sawboxed modules to build a single side of each 2-story duplex. While NRB built the modules, the contractor built the roof structures on prepared slabs, reducing safety risks and providing a quick module set to dry-in sequence. The project consists of two unit types which are 2-story and provide an array of occupancy options meeting the needs of seasonal, full-time, dual income families or professionals. Each unit has multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, full kitchen, comfortable living space and some units have a site-built garage to store the outdoor gear needed for life in Montana. The units are comfortably appointed inside while the contemporary exterior features mimic the undulations of the surrounding mountains. The units provide access from the front porches to the overall landscaped, parklike campus which includes amenities such as retail and local eateries, a purpose-built park, dog park, picnic pavilions and ball field for tenant use.

Technical Innovation & Sustainability

Having worked with LMLC on several modular projects, the design team understands that simple is efficient and effective when it comes to mechanical systems. During the short summer season, mechanical cooling is not needed, however heating in the winter months is vital. Shorter days and increased winds acting on the building require a holistic approach to ensure properly tempered units. Within the climate-controlled factory, a complicated wall system design was delivered. This system is combined with a super insulated and air-sealed floor cavity and an increase in roof thickness. This approach is air-tight and well insulated. Efficient heating is achieved by lowcost electric cove heaters that need less maintenance and lower energy bills for the Owner / Operator. The design utilizes the maximum module size for production and shipping. The 19’6 x 72’ sawbox was halved and stacked on itself to produce a 1,300 sq ft, 2-story living unit, producing minimal waste and a smaller footprint

Cost Effectiveness

The high cost of construction and smaller labor pool in mountain towns make it appealing to pursue volumetric modular. As part of LMLC’s initiative to provide quality workforce housing for our community, we collaborate with experienced teams who deliver great projects. This enables us to push the limits and use the latest technology and methods available, which delivers projects on budget. Cost effectiveness was achieved by using wood framed, volumetric modular construction and an efficient design that is easy to produce and replicate. The team met the project requirements because of their experience with and understanding of the modular process. The design-assist contractor worked with the team throughout the early phases of the project. Additionally, NRB’s experience and cold-climate location positioned the factory to deliver the project more effectively. The level of completion provided from the factory drastically reduced the onsite work as well as the project duration.

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