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Tenoroc WMA Public Entry Facility

Main Category: Modular Building Design
Company: Fabricon Modular
Affiliate: Fabricon Modular
Location: Lakeland, FL
Building Use: Business, Mercantile
Gross Size of Project: 1680 Square Feet
Days to Complete: 80

Award Criteria

Architectural Excellence

The new Tenoroc WMA Public Entry Facility for the public use area rivals the visual aesthetics of a neighboring traditionally constructed building located just a hundred or so yards away. The design intent was to provide a visually comparable building in size, shape, color and materials that would be indistinguishable from other existing facilities within the state owned and managed conservation area. Upon entry to this area of the conservation area, Florida Fish & Wildlife (FWC) desired to have a public facility that provided multiple state departments offices and facilities on site, as well as an informational and mercantile area for visitors to learn about the area or purchase access passes for on-premise activities. The ability to provide guests a convenient means of having drive-up services through a service window was important to the FWC team and ultimately included in the building's construction.

Technical Innovation & Sustainability

Fabricon Modular designed, manufactured, and constructed both the off-site and on-site portions of this facility. The existing buildings and facilities situated within the conservation were traditionally constructed meaning their slab on grade foundations and gabled roof structures were not favorable for anything other than a tubular steel type modular utilizing factory built units and a site installed truss roofing system. Rigid Frame (RF) type Fabricon models took advantage of this delivery method using a spread strip footer system for a finished floor elevation inches above grade and 12' high peaked roof trusses spanning the buildings. These design and delivery features achieved the intent making the buildings indistinguishable from existing once completed. From an engineering perspective Fabricon was challenged with providing a clear span structure for the 42' x 40' footprint. By utilizing tube steel chords the challenge was overcome and gave FWC the wide open space they sought.

Cost Effectiveness

Concurrent site preparation, permitting, and site consruction allowed this turnkey project to be complete within 5 months from contract execution to occupancy. In addition to the modular building over 50 parking spaces were added, stormwater drainage and management systems, and utility infrastructure installed. From the time time building arrived and was craned into place to final completion was less than 60 days.

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