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PNP RIMAC Hospital Extension

Main Category: Modular Building Design
Company: Tecno Fast S.A.
Affiliate: Tecno Fast
Location: LimaLima
Building Use: Police Hospital
Gross Size of Project: 450 Square Meters
Days to complete: 31

Award Criteria

Architectural Excellence

Backus is the largest beer company in Peru. They contacted us to carry out a COVID-19 care-only extension for their community police hospital in 30 days. In this hospital the queues to attend patients were endless and with less than 10 ICU beds. It is important to emphasize that in Peru we were already in quarantine, total national immobilization, our facilities were 100 % stopped and had no permits to operate. There were 30 flat pack modules with fiber cement flooring and 15 m2 each, with sanitary facilities as requested by the client. The design of the building was carried out in conjunction with the client and with government health entities, integrating 45 ICU beds, separated into 4 enclosures. Materials suitable for a hospital enclosure such as high-traffic vinyl flooring, washable walls, special sanitary fixtures and a complex HVAC system was used to ensure enclosures with constant temperature and air recirculation.

Technical Innovation & Sustainability

The key process to this project was the speed of construction, which does not modify and / or attack the environment. To create a COVID-19 care center with 45 ICU beds for the police hospital. Through a simple and minimalist design; based on galvanized metal enclosures, 100% reusable and easy to transport. The hospital had 10 ICU beds, and with our implementation we were able to add 45 more ICU beds. All this was done in record time and executed in 26 days.

Cost Effectiveness

In conventional construction, the constructive process would have double, approximately 80 days. With our construction system, the modules were ready to assemble. The modules are made of galvanized steel sheets, expanded polyethylene, fiber cement, mineral wool, finishes with PVC and high traffic vinyl. Assembly of modules, coupling one with the other on the 6-meter and / or 2.5-meter side, hermetically sealing these joints inside and out, preventing the entry of external agents. In this project, the spaces and units are reusable for another project, since it has standard units that can be retrofitted for an office, classroom or another.

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