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Mont Cascades Project Profile

Main Category: Marketing Piece Entry
Entrant: Black Diamond Group

Award Criteria

Specific Medium Used


Target Audience

1) project and construction site managers, procurement

2) general managers, superintendents.

Message to be Communicated

Get from quote to building quickly with BOXX; excellent quality, affordable buildings, high customer satisfaction.


Uploaded to YouTube for distribution across many platforms, including social media, email, and our website.

Entry Objective

This project is a great example of an out-of-the-box usage occasion for our modular buildings, and how quickly the buildings can be set up. We wanted the video to feature multiple perspectives, including the General Manager and Rental Shop Manager, a longtime patron and BOXX Modular’s Ottawa Branch Manager. This video was developed as a case study for promotion across Canada, as well as content to leverage for our Quebec expansion, and therefore we chose to film both an English and French version. We wanted to highlight the unique emotional component of the project – Mont Cascades’ original lodge burned down in a fire and without a temporary solution, they would not have been able to open for this ski season, leaving many people unemployed and a community without its main attraction. This presented a great opportunity for a narrative-style video that highlighted BOXX Modular’s products and benefits like excellent customer service, creative solutions and high-quality products.

Effect on Sales, Visits, or Inquiries

This video has been useful as a marketing tool in many different capacities. For example, it was used by a BOXX sales team in Alberta to pitch another ski lodge project. The French version of the video has also been leveraged in business development efforts as we expand into Quebec, to demonstrate that we can serve the French-Canadian population. The video and case study have also been promoted on social media, primarily LinkedIn. Multiple LinkedIn posts promoting the video and accompanying case study have garnered a substantial amount of attention through impressions and engagements including clicks, reposts, and reactions. The video is also featured prominently on the BOXX Canada homepage, as well as in the project case study. Both pages have had an increasing number of visitors since the BOXX Canada site was launched in July 2022. We will continue to use and promote this video and case study the future in our advertising and sales efforts as an excellent example of our projects.

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