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The Center for Well-Being, University of Maryland, Baltimore County


Main Category: Marketing Piece Entry

Award Criteria

Specific Medium Used

Internet + Video

Target Audience

Leadership, trustees, and construction executives in Higher Ed, potential CM/GC partners, architects


spokesperson, time lapse, and popular entertainment video to relay "It's almost like time travel"

Message to be Communicated

Off-site accelerates construction by moving start and finish lines: "It's almost like time travel


Web, email, blog

Entry Objective

1) Capture attention with non-traditional use of time-lapse footage to demonstrate how off-site doesn’t just speed up construction by running faster, but it actually moves the starting line -- with manufacturing starting at same time or earlier than site preparation – and therefore moving the finish line. 2) Engage prospects and generate inquiries by providing the next step in the process: a Guided Virtual Tour of all three phases the project (structural/framing, finish in factory, site completion). Hyperlink leads to a form that lets prospects request a specific time and date for a web conference where MODLOGIQ team members provides an interactive guided tour -- highlighting key features, processes, and advantages of off-site modular construction.

Effect on Sales, Visits, or Inquiries

Too early to tell, just posted to web blog. Email campaign starts next week.

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