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Migrant Daycare Facility

Main Category: Modular Building Design
Company: Satellite Shelters, Inc.
Affiliate: Whitley Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Location: OwatonnaMN
Building Use: Migrant Worker Daycare Facility
Gross Size of Project: 9480 Square Feet
Days to complete: 120

Award Criteria

Architectural Excellence

The previous modular Head Start Buildings were provided in 1994 by Satellite Shelters, Inc. This project consisted of (2) 38’x66’ buildings with an exterior walkway between the facilities. When funding was provided to construct a new Head Start Building the criteria was to have all their operations under one roof and to increase the size by 1600 square feet. The floor plan was to be efficient with a common corridor to access the Infant, Toddler, and Pre-School rooms. A reception area was required for drop off and pick up of children as well as staff offices, breakroom, laundry, and nurse’s area with separate storage. The building was to be provided without steps at the exterior doors and with interconnecting sidewalks to allow the staff to stroller the younger children outside and for easy access to the play areas and for the toddlers and preschoolers.

Technical Innovation & Sustainability

A full perimeter wall foundation and interior piers were provided with weld plates to anchor the building frame assembly to the outer wall. This provided an enclosed crawl space that was insulated with hard board insulation and provided with continuous vapor barrier on the grade. The polyethene vapor barrier was covered with 3”-4” of gravel to protect the material. A mechanically engineered designed ventilation system was provided for the crawl space with tempered air supplied and exhausted out of piping through the roof to eliminate vents in the foundation wall at grade. Custom grading around all sides of the building site with exterior drain tile will ensure that the crawl space remains dry in all weather conditions.

Cost Effectiveness

The building insulation envelope was provided to meet the northern climate of Minnesota. The insulated enclosed crawl space with ventilation system was designed to minimize cold air from the outside typical of standard skirting or passive foundation vents. In addition to floor insulation the tempering of crawl space air provides a warmer floor in winter months and provides added protection to plumbing pipes. A floor hatch was installed in the mechanical room to provide interior access to the crawl space. Before the brick wainscot was installed the perimeter frame beams were in filled with hard board insulation and covered with treated plywood to eliminate any cold space voids to the crawl space. An air infiltration barrier was installed behind the brick with proper flashing and wicks to eliminate any moisture build up in this area. The wall mount HVAC units were upgraded with economizers for higher energy efficiency.

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